Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Hockey Gods are A-Holes

Another hockey game, another disappointment.

During the first period on Saturday night in the National Hockey Center, it was ALL Michigan Tech. Everything was looking so great... pretty passes, definite opportunity and chances for scoring, keeping it in the SCSU zone.... Michigan Tech outplayed the &$#% out of St. Cloud State. It was one of the best periods I've seen from them this season.

And then there was the St. Cloud power play. It was called with about :45 left in the period. Unfortunately, SCSU scored with only :10 left in the first period.

To outplay a team as much as we outplayed St. Cloud... and to give up a last second first period goal like that was back breaking. All the hard work put into the entire first period backfired in only a matter of seconds.

This is only one goal though. This is only one obstacle to overcome.

During the second period, it really didn't get any easier. We came out strong again. As the period progressed, St. Cloud started to take over. The SOG margin was getting closer and closer, as SCSU began to break down Michigan Tech more and more. Around the halfway mark of the second, St. Cloud struck again to break Tech's back.

Now begins the part where I'm going to make up excuses for my Huskies. They put so much out there in the first half of the game... however, no matter what they did, Jase Weslosky stood tall (something I'll never be able to do) for St. Cloud and stoned them every time. There were also many times where St. Cloud got lucky. My team was no question frustrated. They had to have been exhausted. After the lack of results they were getting after all of their efforts, they were down.

Tech had played two great periods of hockey and had nothing to show for it. Each period they had 15 SOG, many of those being GREAT opportunities to find the back of the net... yet it could not be done.

In the third period, St. Cloud took over for the majority of the time. Tech was still getting their chances... and still unable to bury any of them. With just under 5:00 minutes left, SCSU put the nail in the coffin. Tech went yet another game being shut out.

And go figure, Jase Weslosky would go on to be the WCHA Defensive Player of the Week, as so many goaltenders become the week after we play them.

I pose these questions to the hockey gods:
- WHY can't we beat SCSU? Can't do it at home, can't do it in their building... WHY.
- How is it that we can put up 5 goals on one of the best goaltenders in the nation (Bachman from CC), but most other weekends we can't get more than 1 or 2 goals per game?
- Why did you give the Michigan Tech fans so much hope at the beginning of the season for a great finish and home playoffs, and then leave us in shambles?
- Why did you make Casey Pierro-Zabotel lack anything that remotely resembles a brain?
- Why couldn't any of our four post or pipe hits at the GLI against Michigan been just 1" to the right or 1" lower?
- Why can't you see that these guys deserve better and that the Husky fans deserve better?
- Why do you hate Michigan Tech and their fans so much? :(

I know this season isn't over yet, but with the way the hockey gods are treating us, it may likely soon be.


Jon said...

Hockey sucks! Wait a second...
MC 2 PC 0
MC 3 PC 2
Nevermind, it does suck.

Runninwiththedogs said...

I hate this post. No mention of me.

MeanEgirl said...

I hate all my posts. So there.

Yager said...

you really want to win that WOTW award don't you?