Sunday, March 02, 2008

Thanks Seniors

So last night I was all set to make my first post for THB. I sat down and realized I had multiple potential topics. These were my options:

1. I could talk about the exciting weekend of hockey we got from the Huskies, in spite of only coming away with a split. Reasonable enough, so see below.

2. I could talk about what a horrible job Campion did on Saturday, letting things get out of hand, and seemingly trying to hand Denver the game in the third period with a string of shitty calls. In spite of it though, we still won that game and as bad as the officiating regularly is in the WCHA, I try not to whine about it much, because it's like beating a dead horse.

3. I could rant about the woman I was seated close to, who objected to my friend and I singing the 'Refs' and 'Sex' verses of No Beer because, "there are children around" and pointedly suggested that if we wanted to use 'that language' (oh no! They said 'sex'!) we should go join the Misfits or the band. However, I will post my thoughts on that over at the tSBFitW blog and try to maintain at least a shred of journalistic integrity here at THB.

4. I could simply thank our seniors for their four years of dedication to Tech hockey. This was my best idea, so I will run with that in a bit.

First, about the games. Both of them were very entertaining and the Huskies played well, which made their inability to finish several scoring chances on Friday very frustrating. Both goaltenders had good weekends, with Teslak and Mannino coming up big many times, and getting lucky a few times. Tech's defense played very well, particularly on Saturday when they successfully killed off a DU 6-on-3 advantage for the final minute and a half of regulation to hang on for the win. Additionally, Kinrade had a beauty of a GWG and the Huskies worked hard to generate chances all night.

I'd like to thank our senior class for really leading the way this season, even if things didn't turn out quite as we had hoped. We had a solid start and still came away with more than ten wins (plus, the season isn't quite over yet!). We also gave ourselves plenty of chances to win games, and even though we couldn't finish many of them, that still says a lot about how far the program has come under Jamie. They are in a position to win almost every night; now it's just a matter of finding the right balance between hard-hitting grinders and soft-handed snipers, and getting them enough playing experience to put the Huskies back on top.

These seniors have helped put Tech hockey back on the map and given the program some positive media coverage these past two seasons. While we may be still be referred to as 'upstart Michigan Tech' (and rightfully so), it's a heck of a lot better than being called the 'perennial doormats' of the league, and you can bet that plenty of opposing coaches have been circling their games against MTU this season and making sure they are well-prepared for us.

So now, looking to salvage some pride and finish potentially as high as 8th, the Huskies turn towards their final regular season series at Mankato. The Mavericks have been playing much better hockey in the second-half of the season and are definitely not the team that we swept in Houghton back in October. I look forward to reading about the results of these games next Sunday night, as I won't be traveling to Mankato, nor will I able to listen in either night. I just hope for a couple of good road games to close out the season and then we'll see who Tech will be paying a visit to for the WCHA first-round, and whether or not I should start looking forward to summer.

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Welcome to the team, I'll let the short girl tell you everything that she wants you to fix about your post.