Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend in Mankato - Recap

Could've been worse... Could've been better... I thought the team played fairly well on both nights. The defense was slightly lacking on Friday though. I definitely can't place the blame on Teslak for all of those five goals. With John Schwarz being out with an injury this past weekend, it definitely hurt the team.

On Friday, the team got an early power play. The way they were moving that puck around, actually taking shots, and maintaining control of the puck was fantastic. Even though nothing came of it, it was great to see a much improved-looking power play.

Unfortunately, during one of our power plays, the Mavericks were able to bury it in our net. That concluding the first period. Tech came out strong, played hard, and nothing came of it.

During the second period, the Huskies kind of lost control of the game. The Mavericks buried four more goals. After they scored their second of the game, Malcom Gwilliam (assisted by MeanEgirl favorite Geoff Kinrade and Pete Rouleau), were able to put one away for the Huskies. That was closest that our comeback attempt came, however. Shortly after our goal, Mick Berge scored two goals for the Mavs.

Not much else happened for the rest of the game. With around 5:00 left, Mark Malekoff scored one for the Huskies. Too little, too late, however. Also, Rob Nolan came in during the 3rd period to finish off the game. He played very well and didn't let anything by him.

All in all, that game was a very clean game that was fun to watch.

Saturday night was senior night for the Mavericks. I guess the Huskies, and especially Geoff Kinrade, were out to spoil that for them though.

The Huskies took first blood less than six minutes into the game. Eric Kattelus, with a little help from Foote and Kinrade, were able to bring some Husky cheer. The Tech fans in attendance, myself included, were barely able to finish all of our cheering for that goal. When we got to "Do it again! Do it again! We liked it! We liked it!", the Huskies (Gagne (Shelast, Vlaisavljevich)) indeed did it again, right after we said it. Now that's the way to start a game.

During the second period, power play extraordinaire and MeanEgirl favorite Geoff Kinrade had a really nice shot on the man-advantage that would later become the game winner. :)

Luckily, the Huskies didn't completely choke away the lead and the game, though it came so close... Tech needs to work on holding a lead a little better...

And for the record, Geoff Kinrade was the first star of the game on Saturday night. :)

A special thanks goes out to the Minnesota Golden Gophers for losing yet another game on Saturday night, which cost us a trip to Denver. Now, thanks to the Gophers not doing their part, we have to go to Grand Forks for the first round of playoffs. Ugh.

Let's hope for a repeat of the events of two Decembers ago......


Matt Todd said...

You were on tv when tech scored during the friday night game.

MeanEgirl said...

I hope I wasn't picking my nose. :)

And I'm glad they didn't show me on Saturday after Kinrade's goal. Heh!

Matt Todd said...

Just waving the tech flag and celebrating.