Monday, September 29, 2008

Meet Your Freshmen 2008: Alex MacLeod

After a little break (and outage of Huskymail), we're now onto Alex MacLeod. I think Alex is this year's smartypants of the incoming class. He's possibly the next Eli Vlaisavljevich.

Coach Russell says that Alex is "a physical player. Nicknamed Mac." So without any further delay, I'll get some facts out there and then the interview!

Position: Wing
Last Team: Camrose (AJHL)
Hometown: Nelson, BC
Birthday: 5/4/87
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 210 lbs

THB: What made you decide to want to bring your hockey career to Michigan Tech?
Alex MacLeod (AM): I chose MTU Hockey because it has a great tradition. [It has many great traditions, actually. We're looking to add "winning" back to the list too... Get it done, Mac!]

THB: How’s the college life going for you so far?
AM: I'm enjoying all the new experiences. It is a huge change, but a good one.

THB: Who is your biggest hockey influence?
AM: My Father. Always took me to the 6 AM practices and always pushed me to be my best. [It seems this year's incoming class have a bunch of great dads!]

THB: Are you any good at patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time?
AM: Simply horrendous. [It's okay... as long as you're good at other stuff on the ice.]

THB: Name one reason why you chose Michigan Tech over a school that was your second choice.
AM: MY other choices were all in the IVY league. I really didn't want to re-write the SAT's when I could come to a fantastic school and play for a great coach and school. [So it boils down to laziness? Fair enough. :)]

THB: What’s your favorite smell?
AM: WINNING!!! The smell in the air after winning is absolutely priceless... [I've never noticed the smell of winning. I'll pay attention to that this year.]

THB: Are you a good dancer?
AM: Do you know Chris Brown?? [This guy? Actually, no. Not until today.]

THB: Do you ever spontaneously break out into movie quotes?
AM: Anchorman occasionally, but Happy Gilmore all the time. [Fine choices indeed.]

THB: Who is your roommate this year?
AM: Bryce Reddick.

THB: How do you like the John MacInnes Student Ice Arena?
AM: UNREAL. I LOVE the Facilities we get to use day in and day out. I can't wait to see the place packed and Misfits bumpin'... [I'm a fan of that answer.]

THB: Can you name the only student section in Division I college hockey with their own gong?
AM: THE MISFITS??? [You're a freakin' genius!! Watch out, Eli! You may have some competition!!]

THB: Would you ever skydive?
AM: HELL YES. [You're a freakin'... crazy person! Insane.]

THB: What’s your major?
AM: Environmental Engineering.

THB: Tell me about one hockey-related goal that you have for yourself this season.
AM: I wanna be a regular player in the line-up. and lead the team in hits.

THB: Pick any of your fellow teammates. Give me one fact about them.
AM: Mikael Licktieg - Great tight turns. [I'll be watching for that this year!]

THB: What sub do you get at Subway?
AM: Oven Roasted Chicken Breast

THB: What is your least favorite NHL team?
AM: The Detroit Red Wings. [This is unfortunate. I love the hate though, so it's okay.]

THB: How do you mentally prepare yourself before a hockey game?
AM: I have a nap. I play Super Mario Brothers to get my hands going.

THB: How many WPM can you type?
AM: Probably about 2000. [Wow, Alex... that's uh... impressive!]

THB: Tell me how a home crowd can affect your game play.
AM: A home crowd pumps me up like no other. It gets all my juices going and I just go out there and I'm ready to fly.

THB: What would you like to say to all of the Michigan Tech fans out there?
AM: Let's make it happen!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Meet Your Freshmen 2008: Mikael Lickteig

Alright... it's on to Mikael Lickteig now. On Mikael, Coach Russell says that he's "a late addition to this recruiting class as Rohn's status was unclear." Crap, that reminds me... I still need to send Peter Rohn a survey. Doh!

Let's just focus on Mikael for now. He gave me an awesome interview... even though I interrogated him for an embarrassing past. I was probably the roughest on him of all the freshmen. He handled it well though.

Position: Forward
Last Team: Alexandria (NAHL)
Hometown: Little Falls, MN
Birthday: 5/4/87
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 185 lbs

THB: What is your favorite type of pie?
Mikael Lickteig (ML): Strawberry.

THB: How long do you think you could last on the skating treadmill at a 10% incline going 7.5 MPH?
ML: Umm... a minute and thirty seconds.

THB: Did you enjoy playing Blueline Club’s Moonball Golf? Tell me about the three people you were assigned to.
ML: Yeah it was a lot of fun! Ross, Joel, and Scott were very cool to play with and pretty good golfers. They carried our team for sure. [Sure they did. I bet it was just Scott that carried the entire team. Joel and Ross didn't do crap!]

THB: What is the greatest number of times in which you have skipped a rock?
ML: I am going to say 12.

THB: What’s your favorite TV channel, not including ESPN?
ML: NHL Network or Comedy Central. [Very good choices. I should've figured NHL Network.]

THB: Of this year’s incoming class, who do you think will be the last one to return their survey to me all filled out?
ML: Ricky Dorriot. [Heh, well... surprisingly, Ricky was the first one to have his survey in. The last one: Mr. Olson. :) ]

THB: Specifically what part of this upcoming hockey season are you most looking forward to?
ML: Stepping out on to the ice in front of a packed crowd and hearing the band play.

THB: What Michigan Tech jersey is your favorite – the white, black or gold one?
ML: Gold.

THB: Who are you rooming with this year?
ML: Corson Cramer.

THB: What team are you most excited about beating this season?
ML: Easily the Gophers since I am a Minnesota boy, but St. Cloud State is a close second.

THB: How is the babe situation at Michigan Tech?
ML: Outlook for me is not looking to good as of now. [Don't worry, Mikael... that'll change soon I bet... :P]

THB: What’s your favorite card game?
ML: Omaha Hi/Lo. [We should play sometime. I can take all your money! Um... I mean... I've only played once or twice and I always lose...]

THB: How do you like your steak?
ML: Medium well.

THB: What is your fascination with Minnesota State University, Mankato? And by that, I mean… if you go to this site: and look along the right side at your player card. You might want to start explaining that…
ML: I honestly haven't looked at that in over a year and a half and impressed you found it. I have no idea why it says they are a favorite college of mine beside maybe they showed interest in me when I was still in high school. P.S. I deleted that profile now. [Alright... It's obviously gone now, but there was a player card on the side. One of the things it had on there was a place for Mikael to list his favorite teams. He listed MSUM, but NOT Michigan Tech. I obviously have to grill him for that.]

THB: Did that last question make you break out into a sweat at all?
ML: Actually yes a little...But I couldn't ask for a better fit than coming here to Michigan Tech. [Good... you're starting to recover your reputation. I think we should give him a second chance, Tech fans.]

THB: Let’s allow you a fresh start, shall we? I’ll ask you that question again. What are Mikael’s favorite colleges? (Feel free to answer with only one college if you’d like.)
ML: Michigan Tech of course!

THB: What has been your favorite lunch/dinner so far in the dorms?
ML: Chicken quesadillas. [Mmm! Those are good. Be sure to try the chili crispitos. Those are the BEST! Or Husky Melts. I miss dorm food!!]

THB: If you’re not lifting weights, skating or doing school work, what are
you probably doing?
ML: Hanging out with the guys or playing some NHL '09.

THB: Tell me about your best moment so far in your college career.
ML: Throwing on the Michigan Tech sweater for the first time for the team photo. We looked good! [Oh Mikael... your answers make me very happy. And the team photo better look good! I'm buying one from the Blueline Club!]

THB: Besides answering my questions, what is something that really annoys you?
ML: Waking up early. [I couldn't agree more.]

THB: Mikael, there are a ton of Michigan Tech fans out there… What would you like to say to all of them?
ML: Get ready for a great season as we have a good mix of players this year that are going to be making some noise in the WCHA and the rest of college hockey.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Meet Your Freshmen 2008: Seth Soley

Man have I been busy! Someone should start paying me for writing the THB. Drop me an email if you're interested. :)

But for now, I'd like everyone to get familiar with Seth Soley. Coach Russell says Seth is, "a true freshman. A big hunter and fisherman." If you ask me, Seth is just just a cool guy.. or at least seems like it (even though he's from Wisconsin). You decide for yourself!

Position: W
Last Team: Omaha (USHL)
Hometown: Elk Mound, WI
Birthday: 12/21/89
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 190 lbs

THB: Why did you choose to come to Michigan Tech?
Seth Soley (SS): Because I really liked the coaches and thought I would get the most from Tech. [You are wise.]

THB: Are you proud to be from Wisconsin?
SS: Absolutely. Born and raised. [What is it with you people from Wisconsin and being so proud about it? That's just silly.]

THB: What did you think of running up and down Mont Ripley?
SS: I hated it. My legs were burning the entire time. [Have you been formally introduced with the skating treadmill yet?]

THB: Have you been checking out Michigan Tech football games?
SS: Just one but I liked what I saw. [You're a fan of the tight football pants too, eh? Can't say I blame ya! I kid, I kid.]

THB: Who is your biggest hockey influence?
SS: My father.

THB: Name at least one sport you’re not a fan of and tell me why.
SS: Basketball because I suck at it. [Well I'm glad you didn't answer this question with "hockey." I agree though... basketball does suck.]

THB: What’s your favorite fruit?
SS: Bananas. [Thanks for saying a fruit that I've heard of!]

THB: Name as many words as you can that rhyme with “best.”
SS: Test, pest, chest... [No "breast"?! Seriously? You were thinking it... just didn't want to type it. Fest... blessed... c'est --er, wait..]

THB: What is your favorite class so far in your college career… or at least the one you dislike the least?
SS: Favorite class is my perspectives class on leadership. [I'm sensing a future Michigan Tech Hockey captain in the making!]

THB: What is your personal goal in college hockey this season?
SS: To play in every game.

THB: What type(s) of music do enjoy listening to?
SS: everything!

THB: What road trip are you most looking forward to this season and why?
SS: Colorado because it’s beautiful there. [I agree... Colorado is beautiful. Has anyone informed you yet though that you'll be going to ANCHORAGE?]

THB: Which Husky veteran have you found to have the best sense of humor so far?
SS: Eli Vlaisavljevich. [Good call. He's a great guy for sure.]

THB: Are you ready for a Houghton winter?
SS: Oh yea, bring it on! [Ooh... now you're sounding cocky.

THB: How are you going to balance hockey practice, away games, home games AND being a student at Michigan Tech?
SS: Lots of study and rest to do my best. [Ha! I got you into that whole rhyming thing, didn't I? And good luck with balancing all that. It was tough for me just to balance being a student and a hockey fan at the same time.]

THB: Do you or have you ever read the Tech Hockey Blog?
SS: No I have not. [Good. Don't waste your time. It's a crappy site.]

THB: Describe your greatest hockey moment so far in your hockey career.
SS: Winning the Anderson and Clark cups in juniors.

THB: Do you always look both ways before crossing the road?
SS: Yes I do. [One of your fellow freshman Husky hockey players--I won't say who--but one of them could use your guidance!]

THB: Who is your favorite active NHL player?
SS: Sean Avery.

THB: How does the energy and noise level of your home crowd affect your game?
SS: It gets me really into the game if they are loud. [Well, prepare to be really OUT of the game when you visit Minnesota. I think most of those fans nap while at the game.]

THB: Is there anything you’d like to say to all the Michigan Tech fans out there?
SS: Let’s go get a championship!
[Er, I think that's something you should be saying to your teammates....]

Thanks for answering my questions, Seth!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Meet Your Freshmen 2008: Ricky Doriott

Yeah so... I took two days off instead of one. Oh well! I'll get back with the program now, then I should study for my FE exam.

Ah, Ricky, Ricky, Ricky. Tech fans, here's a guy to watch this season. Michigan Tech is going to transform him into quite the athlete. When asked about Ricky, Coach Russell said, "the conditioning of the athletes at this level was quite a shock for Ricky." Hmm. Well, here goes the usual:

Position: Defense
Last Team: N. Iowa (NAHL)/S. City (USHL)
Hometown: Blaine, MN
Birthday: 10/2/87
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 225 lbs

Tech Hockey Blog (THB): So Ricky, what is your secret to being so tall? Do you have advice for people, such as myself, who strive to one day be 5’4” and beyond?
Ricky Doriott (RD): Um, I don’t know what my secret is. It’s probably because I have tall parents. They are both above 6 feet. And some advice is to get on a stretcher. [I'll keep that in mind....]

THB: Are you a fighter, not a lover, on the ice?
RD: Um I am both. I love to smile all the time because it really upsets the other team. And then I like to get mad and I would love to fight… but I don’t know if Coach would be too happy unless we are playing Northern. [Well I think we know what to expect this year against NMU. If you really want to make them mad, skate within about 2' feet of that pansy Brian Stewart. He'll flop all over the ice as if he got hit by a train, then all hell will break lose. Be ready to rock!]

THB: What do you think of Houghton and Michigan Tech so far?
RD: It’s a lot different from what I’m use to but I like it a lot so far.

THB: What is your personal goal on the ice this season?
RD: I would like to play a lot and whoop the Gophers. [We all want that too.]

THB: How do you think the WCHA will compare to the NAHL?
RD: It will be a lot faster and a lot better competition and it will be intense. [Sounds about right... as you're starting to see already.]

THB: What size skate do you wear?
RD: 9 and ¾.

THB: Do you look both ways before crossing the road?
RD: Never. I just kind of walk on out and hope I don’t get hit. [That's one way to do it...]

THB: Are the Fighting Sioux really hostile and abusive?
RD: I don’t know yet… [Let me assure you that they are.]

THB: What can you tell me about Mitch’s Misfits?
RD: They sound really supportive and like a good group of people who can help us get into other teams’ heads. [You should teach Bryce all about this group. Seems like you have a good handle on your knowledge of them.]

THB: If Coach Russell and Chuck Norris got into a boxing match, in how many rounds would Coach Russell win?
RD: 1st round TKO. [No arguments there.]

THB: What’s your favorite class so far at Michigan Tech?
RD: Probably my social studies class because I love history.

THB: Can you juggle?
RD: No way.

THB: Do you take requests for people to beat up on the opposing teams?
RD: Yeah, I guess I could do that. [I will DEFINITELY be keeping you in mind this season.]

THB: How do you feel when you stand next to Jordan Baker?
RD: Very tall but he’s really tough so it evens out. [That's for sure. No offense, Ricky, but I bet Jordan could take you...]

THB: Tell me exactly how you feel about Northern Michigan University.
RD: I hate them already. [Excellent answer.]

THB: Do you sing in the shower?
RD: Not usually. [Lies!]

THB: Do you find Sarah Palin to be attractive?
RD: Don’t know her. [Umm... click here and get back to me on that.]

THB: Which road trip are you most excited about this upcoming season?
RD: Definitely Minnesota. [I'm looking forward to that one myself. It's the least amount of travel for me all season and I'll be hosting a swarm of Misfits.]

THB: How does the energy level and noise of a crowd affect your play on the ice?
RD: A lot. It helps you get pumped up and get mean. [Well I hope the Tech fans contribute a lot to your pumped-upness and meanness this season. They should.]

THB: Is there anything you’d like to tell all of the Michigan Tech fans out there?
RD: Be loud and get in the other teams’ heads.

Thanks, Ricky, for answering the questions for all of us!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Meet Your Freshmen 2008: Bryce Reddick

Next on the hot seat, freshman Bryce Reddick, son of this guy. Bryce has some hockey blood in him for sure. This year, he's hoping to keep it in him and do some good for Michigan Tech.

Coach Russell only had a couple of things to say on Bryce: "A true freshman. Not allowed to wear white skates here..." What the hell does that mean?! Must be a total inside thing. I'll get the THB Investigation Crew on the case. Hopefully they'll have a report for you later on that. (F2B&G: That's you.)

So without any further delay, I present to you... Bryce Reddick!


Position: Wing
Last Team: Cowichan Valley (BCHL)
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Birthday: 8/5/89
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180 lbs

Tech Hockey Blog (THB): So you were born in Manitoba, but then moved to Nevada? How old were you when you moved?
Bryce Reddick (BR [not to be confused with Bennett Royer]): I actually lived in many different places because my dad played in the NHL. Las Vegas used to be just our summer home so I can’t remember how old I was when we moved there full time. [I should probably do more thinking/research before I ask questions. Oh well. Made you talk lots! Ha! It was all a part of my plan.]

THB: Who inspired you to play hockey?
BR: My dad. [Somehow, this makes complete sense.]

THB: What made you want to come to Michigan Tech to spend your college hockey career?
BR: Well I lived in Michigan when I was younger and I wanted to come to a smaller school and I wanted to play for a school in the WCHA. [In Michigan, smaller school AND the in the WCHA? There can only be one! Thank god we're in the WCHA... That's our recruiting gold.]

THB: Were there any other places that you were looking at?
BR: Alaska-Anchorage and Duluth. [We're glad you chose Tech!]

THB: Are you proficient in the area of rubbing your tummy and patting your head at the same time?
BR: Haha, I have no idea. [Translation: he's terrible at it but doesn't want to admit it!]

THB: What is your favorite form of precipitation?
BR: I prefer just the sun. [You're going to be hating life here really soon. I hope you like the color gray...]

THB: What do you want to accomplish on the ice this season?
BR: To be in the lineup every game and help the team win anyway I can. [I approve!]

THB: How do you like the new seats in the MacInnes?
BR: I think they look really sharp.

THB: Which one of the veteran guys on the team will be your main mentor?
BR: Either Bennett Royer, Justin St. Louis, Geoff Kinrade or Jordan Baker. [All great role models!]

THB: Who is your favorite comedian?
BR: Will Ferrell.

THB: After being asked question number 5, did you try rubbing your tummy at patting your head at the same time? If not, did you think about doing it?
BR: Haha, no. [I still think you're avoiding it because you know you're bad at it.]

THB: If given the chance to skydive, would you do it?
BR: Nope. [Good. You're fairly sane.]

THB: What is your favorite part of Houghton/Michigan Tech?
BR: The small town.

THB: What do you think about the behind-the-scenes facilities at Michigan Tech, such as the locker room, skating treadmill, etc.?
BR: I think it’s unreal. [Oh, it's real, Bryce. You better believe it!]

THB: Besides answering my questions, what is something that really annoys you?
BR: People telling me I did something when I didn’t. [Or saying that you suck at patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time when you don't? Point taken. I'll be nice now.]

THB: Can you tell me anything about “Mitch’s Misfits?”
BR: Can’t say I can. [Oh man... What am I going to do with you, Bryce? You better be just being lazy... There is NO WAY you can't tell me SOMETHING, ANYTHING about Mitch's Misfits!]

THB: Where is your favorite place to be?
BR: Las Vegas because of the weather.

THB: If you were a hot dog, would you eat yourself?
BR: Nope.

THB: How much does the noise and energy level of a crowd impact your game play?
BR: I love it. The louder it gets the harder I want to go.

THB: Describe at least one experience that you’ve at so far at Michigan Tech that is unlike anything else in your life.
BR: Living in the dorms, haha.

THB: What would you like to tell all the Michigan Tech fans out there?
BR: It’s gonna be a great season, so come to as many games as possible!

Thanks for taking your time to answer my questions, Bryce! And do your research on Mitch's Misfits! Here's a link to help get you started: :)

And for tomorrow's Meet Your Freshmen 2008... I don't know yet who I'm going to pick. I'll probably take a day off.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Meet Your Freshmen 2008: Corson Cramer

Moving on in our Tour de Freshmen, we come to the other new guy who'll be fighting for time between the pipes, Corson Cramer.

According to Coach Russell, Corson is "the first player every to hail from Colorado and play at Tech." How about that! Michigan Tech recruiting is slowly taking over not only Canada, but the US, state by state. As usual, some facts on new guy, then the interview -

Position: Goalie
Last Team: Ohio (USHL)
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
Birthday: 10/15/88
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 185 lbs

THB: Do you have any family ties to Michigan Tech?
Corson Cramer (CC): No.

THB: What is your favorite fruit?

CC: Lilikoi. [Who now?? Typical goalie... can't be normal!]

THB: What is your personal goal for this season?
CC: To gain experience and learn. [Good. I can promise you that you will make your goal this season.]

THB: What’s your favorite NHL team?
CC: Philadelphia Flyers. [I bet Michael-Lee Teslak would agree. Most likely.]

THB: Besides you, who is the coolest guy on the team?
CC: Rob Nolan. [I doubt that! I think there's some goalie bias going on here...]

THB: Can you rub your tummy and pat your head at the same time?
CC: Yes.

THB: Name a sport you dislike and tell me why.
CC: None; I appreciate most sports. [Even BASKETBALL?! Puh!]

THB: What size skate do you wear?
CC: 9 EE.

THB: Tell me what you think of Strength and Conditioning Coach Kyle Bangen.
CC: Kyle is a great trainer and pushes us hard.

THB: Do you think you could beat Coach Russell at a game of golf?
CC: No. [Come on, Corson! Where's your confidence at? I hope you have some this season on the ice! I think that's somewhat important for a goalie...]

THB: How did the camping trip go?
CC: It was fun. [Ok... we can leave it at that... Don't worry about sharing any details or random moments or anything... :P]

THB: Tell me how much you’re looking forward to this season.
CC: I am so excited for this upcoming season to start!

THB: What’s your favorite cartoon?
CC: Family Guy. [You have good taste. That's what I'm watching as I'm getting this thing published.]

THB: Which road trips are you most looking forward to?
CC: Colorado College and Denver University.

THB: Have you gotten to experience the atmosphere at John MacInnes Student Ice Arena before? If so, what did you think of it? If not, what are you expecting?
CC: No, I can't wait. [You won't be disappointed.]

THB: Tell me your feelings on Northern Michigan University.
CC: I want to beat them. [With what? I bet baseball bats work well.]

THB: Is that gold or yellow on the Michigan Tech jerseys?
CC: Gold. [Good. Just making sure!]

THB: What is or would be the perfect warm-up song to get you ready for competition?
CC: Everlong by the Foo Fighters. [Dear Ian Marks: please take note of this and get that song on the warm-up playlist. Thanks.]

THB: What is the greatest number of consecutive hours in which you have slept?

CC: 14 hours.

THB: Do the noise and energy levels of your home crowd really affect your game play?
CC: Yes. [Dear Michigan Tech Huskies fans: TAKE NOTE!!!]

THB: Is there anything that you’d like to say to all of the Michigan Tech fans out there?
CC: Come watch us play!

Right on. Thanks for answering questions for us, Corson!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Meet Your Freshmen 2008: Josh Robinson

It's just about hockey time! And like every year, the Tech Hockey Blog needs to introduce everyone to the newest Huskies. We're going to kick things off with Josh Robinson this year.

When I asked Coach Russell about Josh, he says that Josh is "a true freshman. [He] will push Robby for playing time."

Here is some basic info about Josh, then Q&A! [My comments are italicized and in square brackets like this!]

Position: Goalie
Last Team: Sioux City (USHL)
Hometown: Frankenmuth, MI
Birthday: 12/1/89
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 175 lbs

THB: So, born in Wisconsin, I see… When did you make the move to the better state?
Josh Robinson (JR): I moved to Frankenmuth when I was around 3 years old.

THB: Are you a Wolverines or Spartans guy?
JR: My mom is an alumna at State so I am a Spartan fan. [Boo! Go Wolverines! :P]

THB: Why did you want to come to Michigan Tech?
JR: The reputation of the school and the hockey program. [Sure it wasn't for the girls?]

THB: What is your favorite NHL team?
JR: The Wings. [Good call!]

THB: What about least favorite NHL team?
JR: New Jersey Devils. [Another good call.]

THB: Are you any good at dancing?
JR: Absolutely not. [I bet you'll be doing a lot of that this year...]

THB: What is your favorite form of precipitation?
JR: Hail. [Hope you like snow too!]

THB: What is the worst hockey injury you’ve had?
JR: High ankle sprain [Ouch...]

THB: Do you have much experience with skating treadmills?
JR: I've used it once. [Hehe... you'll get plenty of experience with it in the upcoming weeks... and next four years.]

THB: How much does the crowd noise and energy affect your on-ice play?
JR: It pumps me up and keeps me in the game.

THB: What road trip are you most looking forward to this series?
JR: The Northern/Lake State trip.

THB: Which game this season will feel the best to win?
JR: The Final Five championship game / national championship game. [THAT is a FANTASTIC answer!! Now make it happen, Josh!]

THB: Besides answering my questions, what is something that really annoys you?
JR: Stupidness. [You must be annoyed a lot! There's a lot of that going on...]

THB: Do you believe that the North Dakota Fighting Sioux are hostile and abusive?
JR: No. [Well they are... and their fans suck too. Ha!]

THB: Will you be playing against any former teammates this season? Who and where do they play now?
JR: Yes, Matt Crandell, Michigan State; Anthony Mianai, Denver; Travis Oleksuk, Duluth; Ben Kinne, Bemidji, Joe Miller, Minnesota; Andrew Rowe, Dustin Gazley, Michigan State.... and more... [Too many Michigan State people!]

THB: What kind of music do you like?

JR: Anything but rap.

THB: Share an embarrassing moment you had in the past with the Tech Hockey Blog readers.
JR: I once lost my swimming trunks while tubing. [Nice! I hope you found them eventually.... or not.]

THB: Do you or have you read the Tech Hockey Blog?
JR: Yes. [Wow! That brings up my readers to a total of like 16 now! Excellent! And... note to self: Don't say anything bad about Josh Robinson.]

THB: What’s your golf handicap?
JR: Like 17ish.

THB: What would you like to tell all of the Michigan Tech fans out there?
JR: Texas $
[I couldn't have said it better myself, Josh!]