Monday, September 29, 2008

Meet Your Freshmen 2008: Alex MacLeod

After a little break (and outage of Huskymail), we're now onto Alex MacLeod. I think Alex is this year's smartypants of the incoming class. He's possibly the next Eli Vlaisavljevich.

Coach Russell says that Alex is "a physical player. Nicknamed Mac." So without any further delay, I'll get some facts out there and then the interview!

Position: Wing
Last Team: Camrose (AJHL)
Hometown: Nelson, BC
Birthday: 5/4/87
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 210 lbs

THB: What made you decide to want to bring your hockey career to Michigan Tech?
Alex MacLeod (AM): I chose MTU Hockey because it has a great tradition. [It has many great traditions, actually. We're looking to add "winning" back to the list too... Get it done, Mac!]

THB: How’s the college life going for you so far?
AM: I'm enjoying all the new experiences. It is a huge change, but a good one.

THB: Who is your biggest hockey influence?
AM: My Father. Always took me to the 6 AM practices and always pushed me to be my best. [It seems this year's incoming class have a bunch of great dads!]

THB: Are you any good at patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time?
AM: Simply horrendous. [It's okay... as long as you're good at other stuff on the ice.]

THB: Name one reason why you chose Michigan Tech over a school that was your second choice.
AM: MY other choices were all in the IVY league. I really didn't want to re-write the SAT's when I could come to a fantastic school and play for a great coach and school. [So it boils down to laziness? Fair enough. :)]

THB: What’s your favorite smell?
AM: WINNING!!! The smell in the air after winning is absolutely priceless... [I've never noticed the smell of winning. I'll pay attention to that this year.]

THB: Are you a good dancer?
AM: Do you know Chris Brown?? [This guy? Actually, no. Not until today.]

THB: Do you ever spontaneously break out into movie quotes?
AM: Anchorman occasionally, but Happy Gilmore all the time. [Fine choices indeed.]

THB: Who is your roommate this year?
AM: Bryce Reddick.

THB: How do you like the John MacInnes Student Ice Arena?
AM: UNREAL. I LOVE the Facilities we get to use day in and day out. I can't wait to see the place packed and Misfits bumpin'... [I'm a fan of that answer.]

THB: Can you name the only student section in Division I college hockey with their own gong?
AM: THE MISFITS??? [You're a freakin' genius!! Watch out, Eli! You may have some competition!!]

THB: Would you ever skydive?
AM: HELL YES. [You're a freakin'... crazy person! Insane.]

THB: What’s your major?
AM: Environmental Engineering.

THB: Tell me about one hockey-related goal that you have for yourself this season.
AM: I wanna be a regular player in the line-up. and lead the team in hits.

THB: Pick any of your fellow teammates. Give me one fact about them.
AM: Mikael Licktieg - Great tight turns. [I'll be watching for that this year!]

THB: What sub do you get at Subway?
AM: Oven Roasted Chicken Breast

THB: What is your least favorite NHL team?
AM: The Detroit Red Wings. [This is unfortunate. I love the hate though, so it's okay.]

THB: How do you mentally prepare yourself before a hockey game?
AM: I have a nap. I play Super Mario Brothers to get my hands going.

THB: How many WPM can you type?
AM: Probably about 2000. [Wow, Alex... that's uh... impressive!]

THB: Tell me how a home crowd can affect your game play.
AM: A home crowd pumps me up like no other. It gets all my juices going and I just go out there and I'm ready to fly.

THB: What would you like to say to all of the Michigan Tech fans out there?
AM: Let's make it happen!

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