Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Meet Your Freshmen 2008: Brett Olson

First of all, I'd like to thank Brett Olson for this entry. Without him, this wouldn't be possible. Not only did he answer my questions, but he has unknowingly provided me with a photo of him to use... because for whatever reason, his roster pic isn't up yet.

As usual, we'll get things started off with some words from Coach Russell. Coach thinks Brett "will be an impact player. [He is] already 21 but a late bloomer. Brett has some great leadership qualities."

I for one am very excited to see what Brett has to offer the Huskies, not only this season, but for the following three years also. If he's as good at hockey as he is doing interviews, it's going to be an amazing 4 years!

Position: Center
Last Team: Waterloo (USHL)
Hometown: Superior, WI
Birthday: 2/19/1987
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 175 lbs

THB: Was there any other place you had your sites on… like… UMD?
Brett Olson (BO): Yes, there were other places that had been recruiting me. UMD was one of them. My goal was to play in the WCHA, so when the opportunity presented itself I felt that Michigan Tech would be a great fit. [I'm glad you picked us over Daloot. Especially since you were amazing at doing this interview!]

THB: What do you think about Houghton and Michigan Tech so far?
BO: I really like the Houghton area as well as Michigan Tech. The area is pretty similar to my hometown and not too far away. Michigan Tech is a great place to get an education and the campus isn't very big so it's easy to get around and the people are friendly as well as interesting.

THB: What are your expectations of your hockey coaching staff for this season?
BO: My expectations of the coaching staff are very positive. I like what they have done with the program over that last few years. Getting to know them and experience their insight for the game is something I look forward to being apart of. I expect they will push me and help me develop as a person and player.

THB: Do you have an unusual talent or interesting fact about you that you’d be willing to share with the Tech Hockey Blog readers?
BO: I guess I wouldn't say I have an unusual talent but an interesting fact might be that I have a chocolate lab back home and he doesn't play fetch. That's kind of weird, might be interesting.

THB: Did you watch a lot of the 2008 Summer Olympics?
BO: Yes, that's all I had on TV from when it started to the finish. I think it's probably the greatest event in the world and can't wait for the Winter Olympics next.

THB: How is dorm life treating you?
BO: Pretty good, but it's still early.

THB: What would you do if you had a million dollars?
BO: I have no idea. Maybe save it for a rainy day.

THB: What’s your favorite TV show?
BO: Everybody Loves Raymond. [Oh geez. Well at least you didn't say Will and Grace.]

THB: Compare your hometown of Duluth, MN to that of Houghton, MI.
BO: Actually, I'm from Superior, WI which is right across the bridge from Duluth. My hometown is about twice the size of Houghton and you don't have to walk up or downhill everywhere there. The outdoors are very similar and we are right on Lake Superior so there are a few similarities. [Hm. I guess I got some false information before I sent this out. PS, Duluth is way better than Superior. If I had known you were from Superior, I would've asked you another question... pertaining to deer... of the dead type.]

THB: What can you tell me about Mitch’s Misfits?
BO: From what I saw while I was on my visit up here a year ago they seem like a very energetic group and get into the game. It's nice to have fans like that.

THB: Do you ever spontaneously break out into movie quotes?
BO: Yes. [Apparently not Office Space ones though... even when being set up... :P]

THB: What is the greatest number of times in which you have skipped a rock?
BO: Maybe 8. I haven't skipped a rock in a long time.

THB: What team are you most excited about beating this season?
BO: UMD, because it's basically going back to my hometown.

THB: Tell us your feelings on the skating treadmill.
BO: I don't want to talk about the skating treadmill. [Aww... it isn't THAT bad now, is it? You may hate what it does to you, Brett... but the rest of the Tech fans love it.]

THB: What would you do for a Klondike Bar?
BO: Nothing, I have never had a Klondike Bar. [You know, I don't think I've ever had one either... but I would at least do a jumping jack or something for one. It's gotta be worth at least that.]

THB: What are your favorite websites to visit?
BO: YouTube and Hockey websites.

THB: Does the noise and energy level of your home crowd affect the way you play the game?
BO: I definitely think that noise and energy level can create a home-ice advantage and is always great to have on your side, but you have to be prepared to play the game how you play it every night anywhere.

THB: What was the best feeling you’ve ever had while playing hockey?
BO: I have two. Winning the Anderson Cup with my Jr. team the Waterloo Blackhawks in the USHL and winning the Wisconsin State Hockey Championship twice with my high school. [Um... Brett.. I think that adds up to three...]

THB: Do you like to play video games? If so, which ones?
BO: I'm not really a "gamer" but will play a game or two here and there.

THB: Do any of your other family members play hockey?
BO: Yes, both my younger sister and brother.

THB: Is there anything you’d like to say to all the Michigan Tech fans out there?
BO: I am looking forward to a successful season and excited to get underway. I know we have a very loyal, energetic, and knowledgeable fan base and can't wait to play in front of them. For Mitch's Misfits, don't be afraid to do a little homework on the teams coming in to play us. Find some dirt on the other guys; get into their heads. It can be pretty hilarious when the whole crowd is chirping guys on the other teams.

I've been doing these interviews for three years now... and this may be the best one I've ever gotten back. Thanks again, Brett!


Boosh said...

I'm very pleased by the influx of Wisconsiners as of late. Now you can't hate Wisconsin people as vocally, since 2 (soon to be more) of our guys are from the best state ever.

And you people really need to drop the dead deer thing. There are plenty more screwed up people in Michigan and Minnesota to match any of the crazies in Wisconsin

MeanEgirl said...

But at least screwed up people in Michigan and Minnesota don't have inappropriate relations with dead deer!

FadeToBlack&Gold said...

Or wear giant blocks of fake cheese on their heads. ;)

Dirty said...

Just give it up Boosh. Wisconsin is just a floating turd of a state. There is nothing you can do to change this.

Yager said...

I hate to agree with Dirty but he's got a point...