Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Meet Your Freshmen 2008: Corson Cramer

Moving on in our Tour de Freshmen, we come to the other new guy who'll be fighting for time between the pipes, Corson Cramer.

According to Coach Russell, Corson is "the first player every to hail from Colorado and play at Tech." How about that! Michigan Tech recruiting is slowly taking over not only Canada, but the US, state by state. As usual, some facts on new guy, then the interview -

Position: Goalie
Last Team: Ohio (USHL)
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
Birthday: 10/15/88
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 185 lbs

THB: Do you have any family ties to Michigan Tech?
Corson Cramer (CC): No.

THB: What is your favorite fruit?

CC: Lilikoi. [Who now?? Typical goalie... can't be normal!]

THB: What is your personal goal for this season?
CC: To gain experience and learn. [Good. I can promise you that you will make your goal this season.]

THB: What’s your favorite NHL team?
CC: Philadelphia Flyers. [I bet Michael-Lee Teslak would agree. Most likely.]

THB: Besides you, who is the coolest guy on the team?
CC: Rob Nolan. [I doubt that! I think there's some goalie bias going on here...]

THB: Can you rub your tummy and pat your head at the same time?
CC: Yes.

THB: Name a sport you dislike and tell me why.
CC: None; I appreciate most sports. [Even BASKETBALL?! Puh!]

THB: What size skate do you wear?
CC: 9 EE.

THB: Tell me what you think of Strength and Conditioning Coach Kyle Bangen.
CC: Kyle is a great trainer and pushes us hard.

THB: Do you think you could beat Coach Russell at a game of golf?
CC: No. [Come on, Corson! Where's your confidence at? I hope you have some this season on the ice! I think that's somewhat important for a goalie...]

THB: How did the camping trip go?
CC: It was fun. [Ok... we can leave it at that... Don't worry about sharing any details or random moments or anything... :P]

THB: Tell me how much you’re looking forward to this season.
CC: I am so excited for this upcoming season to start!

THB: What’s your favorite cartoon?
CC: Family Guy. [You have good taste. That's what I'm watching as I'm getting this thing published.]

THB: Which road trips are you most looking forward to?
CC: Colorado College and Denver University.

THB: Have you gotten to experience the atmosphere at John MacInnes Student Ice Arena before? If so, what did you think of it? If not, what are you expecting?
CC: No, I can't wait. [You won't be disappointed.]

THB: Tell me your feelings on Northern Michigan University.
CC: I want to beat them. [With what? I bet baseball bats work well.]

THB: Is that gold or yellow on the Michigan Tech jerseys?
CC: Gold. [Good. Just making sure!]

THB: What is or would be the perfect warm-up song to get you ready for competition?
CC: Everlong by the Foo Fighters. [Dear Ian Marks: please take note of this and get that song on the warm-up playlist. Thanks.]

THB: What is the greatest number of consecutive hours in which you have slept?

CC: 14 hours.

THB: Do the noise and energy levels of your home crowd really affect your game play?
CC: Yes. [Dear Michigan Tech Huskies fans: TAKE NOTE!!!]

THB: Is there anything that you’d like to say to all of the Michigan Tech fans out there?
CC: Come watch us play!

Right on. Thanks for answering questions for us, Corson!


Boosh said...

Be nice Dirty. Otherwise, he'll club you with his massive feet. 9EE, cripes. They must be Bauer skates, otherwise those are some wide feet.

Anonymous said...

Pfft. 9EEs aren't that big. I wear 12EE Bauers...

Boosh said...

If you weren't anonymous I'd say you were tDarkness. Those are effing big though

The Darkness said...

your feet are bigger than mine boosh

Runninwiththedogs said...

Whoa. Who wears 12EEs? Why be so anonymous? Rrrrarr!

Don't listen to Dirty, honey. He's hostile and abusive.

Goon said...

I wear a size 13 shoe...

MeanEgirl said...

I wear a size 5...

FadeToBlack&Gold said...

A children's size 5, that is. :D :P

Anonymous said...

yeah cramer u were a sick directer at the gdi camp at arvada it a good thing u werent on my left when we were playin bball lol jood luck this season