Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Meet Your Freshmen 2008: Seth Soley

Man have I been busy! Someone should start paying me for writing the THB. Drop me an email if you're interested. :)

But for now, I'd like everyone to get familiar with Seth Soley. Coach Russell says Seth is, "a true freshman. A big hunter and fisherman." If you ask me, Seth is just just a cool guy.. or at least seems like it (even though he's from Wisconsin). You decide for yourself!

Position: W
Last Team: Omaha (USHL)
Hometown: Elk Mound, WI
Birthday: 12/21/89
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 190 lbs

THB: Why did you choose to come to Michigan Tech?
Seth Soley (SS): Because I really liked the coaches and thought I would get the most from Tech. [You are wise.]

THB: Are you proud to be from Wisconsin?
SS: Absolutely. Born and raised. [What is it with you people from Wisconsin and being so proud about it? That's just silly.]

THB: What did you think of running up and down Mont Ripley?
SS: I hated it. My legs were burning the entire time. [Have you been formally introduced with the skating treadmill yet?]

THB: Have you been checking out Michigan Tech football games?
SS: Just one but I liked what I saw. [You're a fan of the tight football pants too, eh? Can't say I blame ya! I kid, I kid.]

THB: Who is your biggest hockey influence?
SS: My father.

THB: Name at least one sport you’re not a fan of and tell me why.
SS: Basketball because I suck at it. [Well I'm glad you didn't answer this question with "hockey." I agree though... basketball does suck.]

THB: What’s your favorite fruit?
SS: Bananas. [Thanks for saying a fruit that I've heard of!]

THB: Name as many words as you can that rhyme with “best.”
SS: Test, pest, chest... [No "breast"?! Seriously? You were thinking it... just didn't want to type it. Fest... blessed... c'est --er, wait..]

THB: What is your favorite class so far in your college career… or at least the one you dislike the least?
SS: Favorite class is my perspectives class on leadership. [I'm sensing a future Michigan Tech Hockey captain in the making!]

THB: What is your personal goal in college hockey this season?
SS: To play in every game.

THB: What type(s) of music do enjoy listening to?
SS: everything!

THB: What road trip are you most looking forward to this season and why?
SS: Colorado because it’s beautiful there. [I agree... Colorado is beautiful. Has anyone informed you yet though that you'll be going to ANCHORAGE?]

THB: Which Husky veteran have you found to have the best sense of humor so far?
SS: Eli Vlaisavljevich. [Good call. He's a great guy for sure.]

THB: Are you ready for a Houghton winter?
SS: Oh yea, bring it on! [Ooh... now you're sounding cocky.

THB: How are you going to balance hockey practice, away games, home games AND being a student at Michigan Tech?
SS: Lots of study and rest to do my best. [Ha! I got you into that whole rhyming thing, didn't I? And good luck with balancing all that. It was tough for me just to balance being a student and a hockey fan at the same time.]

THB: Do you or have you ever read the Tech Hockey Blog?
SS: No I have not. [Good. Don't waste your time. It's a crappy site.]

THB: Describe your greatest hockey moment so far in your hockey career.
SS: Winning the Anderson and Clark cups in juniors.

THB: Do you always look both ways before crossing the road?
SS: Yes I do. [One of your fellow freshman Husky hockey players--I won't say who--but one of them could use your guidance!]

THB: Who is your favorite active NHL player?
SS: Sean Avery.

THB: How does the energy and noise level of your home crowd affect your game?
SS: It gets me really into the game if they are loud. [Well, prepare to be really OUT of the game when you visit Minnesota. I think most of those fans nap while at the game.]

THB: Is there anything you’d like to say to all the Michigan Tech fans out there?
SS: Let’s go get a championship!
[Er, I think that's something you should be saying to your teammates....]

Thanks for answering my questions, Seth!


Boosh said...

I like the whole recruiting from Wisconsin thing going on here. You should move to Wisconsin Bethlyn, its pretty cool. He should pick a better player to like than Sean Avery, though, like Matt Greene

MeanEgirl said...

Datsyuk is the best.

Runninwiththedogs said...

Datsyuk is an alien from Star Trek.

Goon said...

Oh, my good there is actually an Elk Mound, WI... I thought that just a Karl Gerbschmidt joke.