Thursday, March 13, 2008

Like There Is No Tomorrow (or Just for Now)

*Warning: The following post contains clichés. Not only does it include clichés, it includes desperation and the fading hope of a college hockey fan. With that being said, there is no telling the way the post will come across, but understand it is what it is.

This is it. Thirty-six games in the books. We've had some good moments, and we've had some bad moments. We've gotten bounce that went in our direction, and we've gotten bounces that have destroyed us. We've played smart, and we have made some stupid mistakes. There's been times were we've felt and played like we couldn't be beat, and there's been some times were I'm sure any pee-wee team off the streets could have blown us out of the building. Well right now none of that matters. Those last thirty-six games mean nothing, we can just call those practice. We can write those down as us figuring out us, what works, what doesn't, what we can take and what we can give.

Now matters, this moment, this second, this team, this game. Don't worry about yesterday and don't worry about tomorrow, neither matters, today matters. We can't change what we did yesterday, and tomorrow only depends on today, today matters. So tonight when you take the ice, as long as we're playing whenever you take the ice, play like there is not tomorrow, because there might not be. Every game might be your last game, so play like you don't want it to be. I don't mind if you take risk and make mistakes, but do it big, mess up trying to make a big hit, mess up trying to change the game, but make sure when you skate off the ice you skate off knowing that at that moment you gave it everything you had.

Other teams may look at you and see weaknesses, they may see a fragile team this has given up and is just waiting for someone to put their season away. Honestly if any of you see that when you look into the mirrors, please don't take the ice tonight. Instead when you look in the mirror I want you to see yourself for what you are, desperate and capable of anything.

No matter what remember this, this moment matters. There may not be a tomorrow but there will always be a now, live in the now, play in the now, compete in the now. So when you go out there, make the most of all of your nows, because at the end of the day that all that matters, now. Now is the time to get this done, now is the time to prove to ourselves that we can do this, now is the time to be who we know we our. Nothing else matters but now. There is no tomorrow, there is no next game, there is no next time. There is only now, so I am asking you and I am telling you, go play, go compete, go live, go give everything you have, go be now.


Donald Dunlop said...

Good luck to the real Huskies this weekend. UND is certainly my least favorite team in the league and MTU is on the other end of that spectrum. So I'll be pulling for your guys!

UAA is going to take two games from CC show maybe an MTU/UAA play in game is in the works.

Just beat the damn Sue so I can make another post on my blog telling their fans to shut the hell up.

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Anonymous said...


"UND is certainly my least favorite team in the league and MTU is on the other end of that spectrum."

I didn't realize that Tech was your favorite team in the league. Where does UAA rank?

UAA is going to get swept by CC...handily. But that's ok, us Tiger fans will look forward to you predicting a top 5 finish for the Seawolves next year (yet again!). :)

Donald Dunlop said...

Why don't you focus on trying to bring some diversity and racial harmony to your overly zealous evangelical craphole of a town instead of pissing on MTU's blog when I'm just wishing them good luck.

If Karma exists then the high horse that you and Ted Haggard ride around on will break all four of its legs.

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pyhtboss said...

I just wanna know one thing.

Has Coach Russell started growing back his playoff beard???