Friday, March 21, 2008

It's Out...

Michigan Tech Huskies 08-09 Schedule

What I Like About This Schedule

*The National Development Team will come to town for an exhibition game in October. I like this mostly because it is something new.

*North Dakota at the GLI - this is no doubt going to be the best/toughest holiday tournament in the country this season.

*CC for Carnival - we've done well against them lately, but mostly I'm just happy they scheduled someone different.

*Only two games against SCSU, and they won't be in our barn, so I won't have to watch us extend that losing streak.

What I Don't Like About This Schedule

*Sans the exhibition game against a TBD Canadian school, we start the season on the road. Then, we go to Colorado to open up WCHA play. At high altitude. On Olympic ice. Boo.

*We don't get back-to-back home weekends until the end of the season - even then, they are separated by a weekend in-between.

*They scheduled the road series against Wisconsin and Minnesota on back-to-back weekends. I was planning to make both. Yikes.

*Duluth the weekend before finals. Curse you, whoever scheduled that.


Goon said...

It was cool to meet you and MTU's Band rocks.

FadeToBlack&Gold said...

You must have thought MEg posted this, because I was nowhere near St. Paul this weekend.

Unless I have a long lost identical twin brother I don't know about. ;)

Thanks for the complements about the band though, I'm sure they made those of us who couldn't go proud.

MeanEgirl said...

Dammit... F2B&G ... Justify your posts! =P

Also, We did host the U18 team before... probably 3 or 4 years ago. :P

Jon said...

I see you've avoided playing PC YET AGAIN. What did we ever do to you? (aside from being crappy enough to screw up your ratings or something...)

MeanEgirl said...

Hey, if you guy had beat Michigan at GLI, we would've been playing each other. Don't blame Tech. Tech did their job at the semi-finals of GLI.

Jon said...

MEg- That would require us de-activating the force shield Billy Sauer had placed over the net during that weekend. Sorry, we're not that competent. I thought you people always lost at GLI anyways? ;) I guess we should really be blaming MSU for sucking...