Thursday, February 21, 2008

An Open letter to The Michigan Tech Huskies Hockey team

Dear Huskies,

Hi, many of you know me, but for those of you who do not, my name is Robert Green. I am a former Michigan Tech student who graduated last spring and I like to think I am one of the bigger and outspoken fans of the program. I have seen you play in every state where WCHA hockey is played, except for Wisconsin(I hate that entire state) and Alaska(I want to go but I just haven't been able to make it), all so that I can support this program. Last year I had the honor of watching one of the greatest series I could possibly imagine in Colorado Springs, another great calling card series in North Dakota, a Justin St. Louis hat trick in Minnesoat, and our first appearance at the Final Five since it moved to the Xcel Energy Center. Above all of that as you may have already figured out I write for this prestigious blog.

Last year I attended the Frozen Four in St. Louis, and as you all probably already realize you didn't. We had a great year last year and I got so much more than I expected out of you, so not being in St. Louis wasn't really a big deal. I still remember last year at the conclusion of the championship game as the Michigan State players rushed the ice in celebration, I spoke these words "Tech will win another national championship before any CCHA team". Outside of that game everywhere I went, as well as the fellow Tech fans I was with, we sang your praises. Big things are coming out of Houghton soon, look for us to bring our team with us in the next couple years, prepare to be shocked, this is what we told people. We laughed, we joked, we song, and the people around us started getting excited by our hope and our joy in our program in which we had so much faith in.

The world is ready for you, they are waiting for you, they want you. Even though things aren't looking all that good right now, there is still hope, and I can't shake the feeling that this is our year. Sure we can live and learn from this year, we can reload and try to make another run next year and sure the future looks bright, but this year is not over yet. There is still a chance to shock the world, and if any team can do it this team can.

When I look at this team, I see a group of players with the ability to play with any team in the country and I hope when you step on the ice you see the same. The future is in your hands, as they say the future begins now. The future is not next year, the future is tomorrow night the future is next weekend, the future is April 12.

Some of my fellow fans may have given up hope on you but not me. Some of you may have given up hope but not me. I know what you are capable of and I know the rewards of playing up to what you are capable of. I have already staked my name on a Tech championship please do not make me a liar, so in the words of Al Bundy, "Just Win Baby". Regardless of rather you are there or not I'll be in Denver and I'll be cheering for you. I hope to see you there.


Robert Green
AKA "The Darkness"
AKA "That loud black kid who keep showing up with his shirt off"


MacInnes Diehard said...

I want a tDarkness "I Believe" t-shirt. Where do I sign up?

Dirty said...

1a. You sang their praises, not song their praises.
1b. That sentence doesn't even make sense. "as well as the fellow Tech fans I went," ? Umm, what?
2. The very next sentence is a complete run-on sentence.
3. "Are laughed"? "we song"? Again, huh?
4. Remove the "in" from the end of this paragraph. This is unnecessary.
5. I'm pretty sure it's Al Davis, not Al Bundy who said "Just win baby".

The following has been done so MEg doesn't have to yell at you quite as much about your horrible grammar. There are still a good number of mistakes that I did not mention though.

Anonymous said...

wow! you have graduated college and still write like that! you should consider pulling this post and having it edited by someone in the English composition class you obviously missed!

The Darkness said...

Dear Dirty

Thank you for your help, you did catch some mistakes, and in other places you are wrong. My one sentence isn't a run-on sentence it is in fact three independent adverb clauses the support the final clause. Al Davis would not be credited with the phrase Just Win Baby, I did in fact mean Al Bundy from Married With Children.

And just to let you all know I know how to edit my own work, I have great grammar when I care and really want to go back over something that I have written, it just so happens that usually when I post something here, I do it from work and generally don't have the kind of time that I need to properly go back over it. Usually I don't care because no one cares but the short girl. And in real life when I write something I give it to a copy editor so is a lot better at this than I am.

And as far as the last post goes, if you're going to question somebody's grasp on proper use of the English language you can at least capitalize the first letter in your sentences, and you might want to think about using less exclamation marks. Unless of course you missed that English composition course like me.

Goon said...

Darkness you are the man.

MeanEgirl said...

So... Rob Green... you "don't care" about this entry? You "don't care" about the stuff you write in the THB?

You should at least proofread your writing. There are too many mistakes and my head spinning. I still love you, but "regardless of rather you are..." does not make any sense. I think you mean "whether" instead of "rather."

Like I said though, I still love you, Rob Green.

Btw, thank you Dirty for addressing only a small fraction of the grammatical problems in this entry.

The Darkness said...

you know what you people make my head hurt, i quit. I'll stick to things I'm good at, like apparently nothing.

Anonymous said...

well you have to realize it comes from the heart. the gist of the message got thru regardless of tense, verbiage, spelling, capitalization, et al.

Jon said...

I think the Darkness does this on purpose, just to make sure MEg is paying attention. :D
Its a brilliant plan, really.

MeanEgirl said...

Like I said, Rob Green: I still love you!

You're good at being stunningly handsome and tall.

Puck Swami said...

The writing may not have been polished, but the beating heart of a die-hard fan came through as clear as a bell. I think fans like you and MeanEgirl are the best of what college hockey is all about. You have discovered the true meaning of being a fan - the thrill of following your team on the road, making friends around the country and the reality that the suffering is what makes the joy so sweet when you do win.

Michigan Tech and Houghton carry a unique place in hockey history dating back to the Amphidrome, Dee Stadium, John MacInnes, and Tony Esposito. It's the Copper Country Anthem, the mining overalls and 3 National Title Banners. You and your friends are part of that tradition, and you will carry it with you for all your days on this planet.

Someday, you will all stand on top of college hockey and it will feel great. I know about musty banners, My school, Denver went 35 years between 1969 and 2004 without a NCAA Title, and I waited 18 years between my senior year and the 2004 title. It was a long wait. I hope you don't have to wait that long. You all deserve better.

wwn said...

I love you meanegirl. I've had these feelings bottled up in me for far too long.

I hope to see you at the F5.