Saturday, February 23, 2008

UMD Recap, SCSU Game 1

Alright... so, I'm in the process of recruiting a new writer for the THB, but of course, no one is stepping up. My application process was simply to write something covering the UMD series, but I got nothing! Maybe I should try the new blogger WWN from this blog, that way I'd at least get more people commenting here. Oh well... the wait will continue.

So how about some much delayed coverage over the games versus UMD? it. Friday ='ed good. So much good and fun happened in this game... Let's first touch on some line change ups. Due to illness spreading around Houghton like crazy, a lot of changes were called for as the team is sadly not immune to diseases. Was this illness a blessing in disguise? Moving Alex Gagne to the first line with Tyler Shelast and Peter Rouleau was... wow. Just wow. For this game, that line's point breakdown looks something like this:

Gagne 2-1--3
Shelast 0-1--1
Rouleau 3-2--5

Not too shabby, eh? Peter Rouleau's hat trick... fantastic. He got a shorty, a PPG, and an empty netter. If it's one things I like, it's variety. I should also mention that my hat was the first on the ice. ;)

The next night wasn't as happy though. The crowd was good... I'll say that much. However, due to a poorly called CFB on Michigan Tech (which even the Duluth fans shared with me that they thought that was the poorest CFB call they'd ever seen), Tech had some problems on their hands. Of course UMD scored one goal on that major powerplay and we also lost by a mere goal. As much as I want to blame referee Anderson for that loss, Michigan Tech certainly had their opportunities, but just weren't able to finish. Bummer.

Home ice is slipping further and further away...

And now to touch on the first game of the series in St. Cloud. It was very frustrating, to say the least. Although Tech lost 4-1, in my personal opinion, the guys in black and gold didn't play that poorly! SCSU goaltender Weslosky was fantastic and kept shutting us down.

Despite how much this loss hurts Tech, again... MeanEgirl favorite Geoff Kinrade scored... so she's happier than she should be.

And since I'm hungry and will soon be going to IHOP, I will leave you all with these words: Uh, Tech needs to win tonight.


Yager said...

not fair, I should be there eating from the greatness called I.H.O.P. Oh well. Any way, my recap for the UMD series...

So ya der eh, I went down to my local arena to watch them der wanna gophers and tech play some good ol' hockey and den dey scored on the huskies and I was damn der angry. but den dah huskies came back and put dah puck in dah net some three times in dat second period. etc etc blah blah I'll spare you the rest.

did i get the job?

Yager said...

oh and again, cheers to the top section of the misifts last weekend, I was in the middle of section L and I can say for sure that they out cheered the bottom rows (even though the thundersticks is sort of cheating... they had stamina, I tell you)

Matt Todd said...

They really needed to stay out of the penalty box and work on the penalty killing. Three of the four goals were power play goals for SCSU. Frustrating to watch.

WinTwins57 said...

I thought Tech played well all weekend but Jase was on fire!! Which makes ME happy! It was nice to meet you MEg! :)