Saturday, February 02, 2008

Huskies: The Preferred Food of the Seawolves

So, my team got pummeled tonight in the beautiful city of Anchorage, Alaska. The hungry Seawolves were looking to please their home crowd, and they did just that... although if you ask me, it was a bit of an overkill!

This is the first game that I will write on this season that I didn't actually see. Judging by what I heard from Dirk Hembroff on the radio, it was a fair combination of great UAA play and piss poor Tech play. I kind of want to excuse it a little bit. Having traveled to Anchorage last year myself, it isn't the easiest thing to adjust... And all I did was eat, sleep, drink, and watch hockey. I cannot imagine playing hockey!

Tomorrow is another day, however. Another whole day that the team would have to adjust to being in Anchorage. Come tomorrow, I cannot make up more excuses for this team. Tomorrow's game is a MUST-WIN, especially with how hot the Mavericks are right now.

After the game, Coach Russell told it like it was, "I thought we were completely useless in front of the net." What more needs to be said? Also according to Russell, he was pleased with Schwarz and VanWagner. The rest of the guys.... not so much.

And for my random feature.... Why We Lost: This can be blamed on a number of factors... goaltending, our play in front of the net, the brilliant play of Olthius and the rest of the Seawolves... However, I'm not going to say it is any of those. I'll just say it's because I wasn't there. It was tough missing my first game of the season, on both me and the team... as you can see. :)

Let's go guys.. salvage a split from this weekend!

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