Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Peter Rouleau - WCHA Co-Offensive Player of the Week!

From: http://wcha.cstv.com/sports/m-hockey/spec-rel/021908aaa.html

Red Baron® WCHA co-Offensive Players of the Week
Peter Rouleau
Sr., F, Michigan Tech

Andrew Kozek
Jr., F, North Dakota

MADISON, Wisc. - A pair of veteran forwards - Peter Rouleau of Michigan Tech University and Andrew Kozek of University of North Dakota - have been named Red Baron® WCHA co-Offensive Players of the Week for Feb. 19-25 as a result of their outstanding efforts this past weekend.

Rouleau, a 5-7, 165-pound senior left winger from Hancock, Mich., notched a three-goal hat trick and two assists for a career-high five points as he factored in on all five Michigan Tech goals in last Friday's (Feb. 15) 5-2 conference victory over visiting Minnesota Duluth at the Huskies' John MacInnes Student Ice Arena in Houghton, Mich. His hat trick included a shorthanded goal and a game-winning power-play tally.

In addition to his five points, Rouleau fired five shots on goal in the series and earned a +2 plus-minus rating.

(I cut out that junk on Andrew Kozek. Who really cares? ;))

Congrats to Pete for getting WCHA Co-Offensive Player of the Week... and for getting a "three-goal" hat trick on Friday, as opposed to a 2-goal hat trick...

I'll also mention that Eli Vlaisavljevich was nominated for Defensive Player of the Week! Eli put on an outstanding performance this past weekend, likely the best hockey I've ever seen from him with this Huskies team. Great job, Eli!

I might put up a recap of the series if I get time later on this week...


Dirty said...

I care! And you cared when you were talking about how you wanted to jump Kozek's bones while you didn't want to jump Roleau's bones. Yep that's right, MEg hates Peter Roleau. Don't let this post of her's fool you. She has an undying hatred for him and wants to have Andrew Kozek's babies.

Rouge said...

Found this gem among the many random ramblings of uscho and enjoyed it.

A little advice for dealing with those late season blues...You can always take comfort in the fact you all are not from Umaine..At least that works for us UNH folk

Jon said...

I'm just happy that for one week, we don't have to talk you out of jumping off a cliff. It'll all be okay, MEg, it'll all be okay. :)
(could be worse. You could be rooting for Merrimack)

MeanEgirl said...

You guys... I'm fine. =P

The only "late season blues" I'll really be facing this season is the fact that it's my last one with the Huskies. I'll have to move onto the real world after this is over with. Blah!

Rouge said...

real world? pffft

I graduated in may, and this real world thing has been nothing more than an overrated inconvienience between games.

Jon said...

MEg- What the hoser said. ;) As much fun as it is to follow your team as a student, its just as rewarding as an alum. Aside from the fact that if you try to lead cheers, people look at you funny.

Rouge said...

Agreed, being a die-hard doesnt end with your degree, just means you can brag about having it at times......And, Jon, you know very well that my group got strange looks even while we were students anyways

MeanEgirl said...

Ok... if anyone is thinking that I'm going to stop being a Michigan Tech fan after I graduate or stop following them, they're insane.

I'm simply sad because I will not be able to spend every home game with my team... in front of Section L, Row 3, Seat 1, right next to Andrew - the coolest (and funniest) guy to ever watch a hockey game with.

Stupid change!!

Jon said...

Rouge- Those weird looks are probably from people who've read your blog, eh? Hee hee... "Oh, Canada..."

MEg- Ummm, I don't remember thinking that you were going to give up being a fan. I was just making fun of you for posting basically the same sort of fatalistic nonsense that I'm famous for. That's copyrighted, I think.

And this is exactly the type of back and forth I'd kill to get on my own blog. Sigh.