Sunday, February 03, 2008

Huskies Fight Back to Earn the Tie

Yeah, so this is a few days late.

Box score

I don't know when it really started happening, because I wasn't there to see, but Tech started to really come alive somewhere along the line last Saturday night. They were able to kill a two goal deficit and come back to tie a very tough Seawolves team.

I am grateful that we were at least able to get a point on Saturday, but I was hoping for and expecting so much more...

Ok, that is enough about last weekend's unfortunate events.

Here's a look at the WCHA standings (with poor formatting that I can't fix):


WCHA RecordPoints
Colorado College

North Dakota




Minnesota State



St. Cloud State



It's a tight race in the lower part of the WCHA. If we end up typing UMD (0-2), SCSU (0-2) or UAA (0-1-1) as of right now, we would lose the tie breakers with those teams. Although we do have series coming up with UMD and St. Cloud. We have the tiebreaker on MSUM (2-0); however, we have a series coming up with them soon. Hopefully they cool down by then. And currently, we have split series with UMN (1-1) and UW (1-1). We're done with UMN in the regular season. I'm not sure what happens after head to head record... Goal differential, maybe? If that's the case, UMN has a one goal edge on us. And as for UW... well, we'll know for sure after this weekend.

Here is the good news! We are only four points out fourth place with TWO games in hand on everyone else from 4th to 10th place in the WCHA. It has never been more crucial to start getting points than it is right now.

I must ask of all Michigan Tech fans to come out to the games, be vocal... keep the support coming. The the team will reward you if you do so.


SIOUX 7 said...

Even thought I predicted a split this weekend for your Huskies against the Badgers. I wouldn't mind seeing you guys get a home sweep. That would tie you with UW with 19-pts, and still have 2 games in hand. That would be ideal for MTU, that would give you the inside track for home ice.

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Is that how someone with a speach problem says, Iraq :)

Anonymous Hot Dog Wearing Pep Band Member said...

Point of information: we're 0-1-1 against tUMD.

MeanEgirl said...

Point of information: Do NOT bring that stupid "t" anywhere near my blog.