Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Final Thoughts on GLI 2007

So there are a lot of things I could say about the 2007 version of the Great lakes Invitational.

  • One of the greatest games ever.
  • Michigan State Sucks
  • Next year is going to rock (yes I said rock)
  • Robby Nolan should play like that more often
  • The rest of the year should be pretty fun
  • Why couldn't Sauer play like he played last year.
  • GLI = Mecca for Michigan Tech Alums
  • Etc. etc.
But I will save all of those comments for another day so that I can focus on what I believe is the biggest topic that should be dealt with.

Quite simply I hope that in some point in the near future Tech plays in these throwback jerseys(and more importantly not only do I want to be there to see it I want one of these jerseys):


Boosh said...

Its so easy to tell when you're the one writing the entry Rob :D

The Darkness said...

And why is that boosh, because they rock so much.

Boosh said...

Duh, what else would I mean