Thursday, January 10, 2008

Can't we all just get along (or UND Mayhem part Deux)

[ original picture deleted to protect the midget ]

In a little over twenty-four hours from the time I post this, the Huskies of Michigan Technological University will take part in game one of a two game series against the (name removed in order to comply with NCAA wishes) from The University of North Dakota. The last time these two teams met in Houghton, MI, in the early part of the season, there was definitely no love lost from the previous year. A contest where the Huskies ran the (name removed in order to comply with NCAA wishes) out of their own barn in a weekend that included a great showing of sportsmanship as North Dakota goalie (I'll just call him Lammy because I'm not trying to go and figure how to spell it right now) was booed by the home team fans after being brought into the game on Saturday to relieve the poor goalie who had the misfortune to start against the perennial cellar dwellers of the league. This season as the two teams met, the sportmanship was taken to a new level as verbal abuse was handed down by a North Dakota assistant coach to a tech student as well as threats of physical violence by varsity hockey players who were currently scracthed from the (name removed in order to comply with NCAA wishes) line-up. I'm not saying the Tech student wasn't blameless, but you would think the assistant coach and players from a major university would have handled the situation better.

Added to all of this several fans of the (name removed in order to comply with NCAA wishes) men's hockey team took offense to a post made in jest by this very site. (most of these facts still apply to this series by the way). These reactions eventually led to an apology (which also still applies), and more banter followed. After the way both teams and their fans have acted over the last couple meetings I think the name (name removed in order to comply with NCAA wishes) is actually pretty accurate, if of course the North Dakotans were Native American.

So here's my point to this post, okay there isn't a point. I just wanted to put it in writing. Let's go Tech, keep our run in that marble morgue running.

P.S. Dirty you might want to try to punch something softer after the Huskies sweep your (name removed in order to comply with NCAA wishes) this year.


Jon said...

I'm disappointed that you got rid of the picture. Had to be the funniest thing I've seen in a long time... good luck tomorrow!

Boosh said...

Those arguments were actually kind of fun. Amazing how bitchy people can be, and how people were bitching at me for saying what I say behind a keyboard, yet they posted as anonymous ;)

Dang it, Rob, you've pissed me off again. Hopefully we can get a win tonight to soothe my anger :)