Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sweet Sweep

This weekend against Mercyhurst concludes our regular season non-conference play. As a Michigan Tech fan, I don't think I could ask for anything more than we got - a sweep on the road.

This particular trip was quite a different experience for me. I'm definitely used to the nicer, larger WCHA arenas. The Mercyhurst Ice Center was much smaller and much more laid back. It can definitely be a rocking arena if even twenty people decide to be loud. The Tech fans brought a group of less than ten this past weekend, and we easily dominated the atmosphere.

Here are some random highlights from the trip and the games:
  • Robby Nolan turned in a .933 save% for the weekend
  • Our penalty kill continues to be unbeatable, even against a 5 minute major
  • Atlantic Hockey refs call a LOT of penalties it seems
  • Peter Rouleau had a shorthanded goal on Saturday night--the team's FIRST this season
  • Deron Cousens's mom and dad are great people and were a pleasure to meet
  • The drive thru beer place is a very interesting idea
  • Erie, PA is a terrible city
  • Gold Crown Billiards/Andy's Pub is a redeeming point for Erie; great place!
  • Don't stay at the Red Roof Inn in Erie
  • Mercyhurst has a gate on the outside of the campus and the purpose of it is unknown
  • The Michigan Tech Huskies are now at .500 overall! (9-9-2, 5-6-1 WCHA)
Next weekend brings the SIOUX! As of right now, this writer is unsure on the latest about the goaltending situation and Teslak's leg. Hopefully we can bring a full healthy team to Grand Forks. Even more hopefully - we can repeat the wondrous events that occurred last season at the Ralph Engelstad Arena when we were in town.



Boosh said...

How many weekends have we made it to .500 now?

Appleton just got a drive thru liquor department at one of the convenience stores in town, you should come visit sometime

MeanEgirl said...

The problem with Appleton is that... it's in Wisconsin. Sorry, Boosh. :(

pyhtboss said...

Someone who goes to school in Houghton probably shouldn't be calling Erie PA a "terrible city"

MeanEgirl said...

Houghton is beautiful though! Houghton is a sweet little city that sells alcohol AFTER 9 and 10 PM. =P

pyhtboss said...

I'd say the "beauty" of Houghton is definitely in the eye of the beholder LOL. To be fair I never tried to buy beer in Erie after 9 or 10... however I know that in other towns in PA, you can actually buy beer to go FROM A BAR! In fact one night in Harrisburg PA, the bartender actually cut us off he sold us a 6 pack for the road. GO FIGURE OUT THAT ONE!

(That was a cool night, I randomly met Tom "Punky" O'Connell who was a backup goalie on Tech's 1975 championship team!)

HuskyNation said...

You can buy beer to go in several UP establishments too. I did it all the time at the Copper Bowl and several other bars.

And for the record, yes, Eerie is a crappy town. I've been there twice too many and seen much that I didn't want to see.

pyhtboss said...

the irony of houghton people calling some other place "crappy"... made even better upon mention of the copper bowl :)