Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why we cheer.

Friday shortly before 6 o'clock, as I was on my way home from work, I had an unpleasant experience. I will not go into the details of how it happened, but I was involved in a rather bad car accident, no injuries (thank God) but the front end of my car will probably never be the same again.

After cautiously driving home and being lectured on not driving so fast I really needed a way to vent, which lead to me breaking my SD card which had very crucial information on it that I need for a client, on top of all that I had to deal with my nephew, who I love but I really have no desire to spend more time around him then I have to. All things considered it was probably very understandable that I was not in the best of moods as I set down to watch my Michigan Tech Huskies play the first game of a two game series against Colorado College. I was feeling discouraged, frustrated and feed up with my situation and my surroundings and I really just needed something good to happen. That night the Huskies skated to a 2-2 tie in a game they probably should of won.

Saturday I took my car to a collision shop to get an estimate of how much it would cost to repair the damage. I found out it will cost less to get a new car then to fully repair the damage, definitely not good news. On top of all of this I again had to deal with my lack of personal solitude as I had to deal with my nephew, my sister and their friends, who don't live in my house and I really wish would go away (seeing as it is Sunday morning and they are still here). Again discouraged, frustrated and feed up with my situation and my surroundings, not to mention I had the biggest headache I have had in a long time. That night the Huskies took the ice against the Colorado College Tigers and left the building with a 5-2 win, that many will call an upset but I expected.

My situations haven't improved, but for approximately six hours over the two nights everything was okay. It didn't matter that I now have to rely on other people to get around, or that I have no idea what the future will hold, for those couple of hours life was good, and that's all that mattered.

For all those who don't understand, this is why we cheer. Because sometimes when life isn't going in your favor it's just good to escape. Different people do it in different ways, some read, some run, some go about doing things to their body that they can never reverse, and some like me, invest their time and energy in the support of others.

Some may look upon us and see crazed maniacs hopelessly devoted to things that don't matter, or pathetic individuals living vicariously through the lives of others, but there's more. To us it's more than just the pursuit of the dreams of others, but when their dreams become your dreams, then you have a way to accomplish things that you probably will never have a chance to do on your own. You can feel the accomplishment of winning a championship, or the adrenaline rush of scoring a game winning goal, and at least for a little while you get to be more than you are.

For those of us who have a problem expressing your emotions, it's an excuse to yell to cheer and sometimes to cry. It's a reason to give your all, to lay it all on the line, to act like a complete and total fool without worrying about what anybody else thinks of you.

This is why we cheer, this is why we don't mind investing our money and time into an obsession that many can't understand. We all have our obsessions and the things we love for no apparent reason, and anybody who doesn't I feel sorry for. If nothing else this I know on any given Saturday I can watch a college football game and no matter what is going in my life, that's all that matters. Most importantly I know I can watch my Huskies and I lay my emotions and my thoughts on their shoulders, and this weekend they proved they can handle it.

So to Jamie Russell and the Michigan Tech Huskies, I would just like to say thank for not letting me down, and no matter what, just as I will always be a fan of the University of Michigan Football team, win or lose, I will always be there to support you.


MeanEgirl said...

This is not where I want to find out about your accident, Rob Green... :(

How crappy! But I'm glad you're doing okay. I'm also glad that the Huskies laid it all out this weekend to get us 3 points.

The Darkness said...

So I didn't mean to post this yet, hit the wrong button when I was leaving, finishing now.

MeanEgirl said...

Btw, thanks for breaking my string of rhyming titles. I have no idea why I started that... that's retarded. =P

The Darkness said...

It was only two, and you are weird, and now I'm finish.

Anonymous said...

I think u r right in u r part of time but it not so as u thought of this. We cheer when we get any success or when we get out of danger in some cases........