Saturday, January 12, 2008

What Was That?

That was... a poor effort last night. There were moments of okayness, but all-in-all this is one very unhappy Tech fan.

In Psychology of Coaching last semester, we learned about the sandwich technique... that is... saying something positive first, then criticism in the middle, and end it on another positive note. I'm going to apply this method right here and now.

GOOD: The penalty kill. Yes, we got a powerplay goal against us last night. It happens... but all-in-all, the PK unit is the bright spot right now.

BAD: Oooh boy, where to begin! The Huskies need to learn to CONTROL THEIR TEMPERS. The last thing I want is for my team to have a reputation as being a dirty team. Let's just play hockey, guys. Cut the bs. Seriously. Cheap shots are unnecessary. Quit taking stupid penalties... and so many of them!

Also, quit flopping around all over the ice. You might think you're good at making it look like the Sioux player made you fall, but it looks really pathetic from the stands. Again I say... quit the bs. No need to Robbie Earl it.

And moving along... when we go on a powerplay, we have one (at least) more player than the other team... therefore, we should be spending a majority of the time on the Sioux side of the ice... or at least part of the time over there. There were at least two of the worst Husky "power plays" that I have seen all season long last night. It is getting to the point where I cringe when we go on the power play. With the way we've been looking, it's basically a guaranteed no-scoring two minutes for my team. So to my team: please get the whole concept of the power play figured out and make good use of that time.

A question I pose to the team: Where is our offense? Fifteen shots on goal? ONE shot on goal in all that power play time last night? How are we going to get ANY goals if the puck never goes in the general direction of the net? I'm not trying to discredit the Sioux defense, because they were great last night... but much of the time, my offense looked lost.... or non-existent. L
et's get the puck to the net guys... the past Lamoureux.

GOOD: Leave Deron Cousens in the line-up. I'm rather pleased with him as of late. He may be our future Lars Helminen.

Now as you can see, there's a lot of negative stuff going on with my team right now. Hopefully most of that will get fixed tonight and the Huskies can assist the Sioux in continuing with their 2007-2008 season tradition of splitsville.


On a side note! I would like to bring up a personal experience I had last night while in the REA. For the second year in a row, I brought my favorite sign that I faithfully hold at every MTU-UND meeting. This sign says, "SIOUX PLAY LIKE PIOUX." Observe:

Like I said earlier, this is the second year it has come to this series in the REA. Last year it was just fine to have that sign. Also, to get it in, security needs to look at it. Again, this was alright. It has gotten by security three times without any issues whatsoever.

However, last night before the game started, a lady from the REA staff (not an usher, but someone higher up) came to me to try to take my sign away because they were receiving many complaints about it. Then I was lectured on how UND is having issues with their nickname right now. So... here's what I got...

Dear UND fans and REA staff:

I KNOW about the lawsuit and the NCAA stupidness. I am behind the University of North Dakota 100% on this issue. I understand the respect that university has for their nickname and why it's important to them. I am not in any way trying to disrespect the nickname. UND fans, get over it. I am just a college hockey fan enjoying myself and coming up with creative, witty things to do to entertain myself and others. I have even received many compliments from UND fans on the creativity of my sign. REA staff and America: please quit giving into the whiny people in this world who are so easily offended by everything. That is the base of the problem with the nickname issue... people being upset about the use of the "Fighting Sioux" (plus some money issues that we needn't discuss).

So again, I will be bringing my sign tonight and I will be holding it up. I will again not allow it to be taken and I will fight to keep it until I'm escorted out in handcuffs (also known as doing The Oshie). I am only a college hockey fan and people need to relax about silly things that don't matter. Stop trying to make what should be a good time (a hockey game) a miserable time for people who do not deserve it (REA staff, other fans, etc). It's unnecessary. Just enjoy the game and appreciate college hockey and fans that love the game.


WiSioux said...

What happened to #4? He has one heck of a black eye!

Schneider said...

I would agree that the REA staff is stupid. I was told by one official when I wore the blow me NCAA shirt that I should turn it inside out, while all the other fans in the building were giving me positive comments and loved the shirt. Also, there ticket policy for students is stupid which is why I'll be sitting upper level tonight.

Archie said...

i agree with 98% of your comments, for Tech it was a bad performance. you are a true college hockey fan to the hilt and that's what makes this sport great. of course, i disagree with your hatred of the Sioux and your tasteless attacks on UND players but that's what makes college hockey so fun. btw, will your players please stop grabbing, hooking, and hugging our skilled players all the time....? i wish we had hockey east refs. Have a good week off or maybe you should come to kato and root against the Sioux! :)

MeanEgirl said...


1) My "hatred of the Sioux"? Um.. hon, I own a Sioux Crew shirt. I wear it. I OWN a Sioux jersey. I play hockey in it. How do you figure that I have "hatred of the Sioux"? The Fighting Sioux team is one of my favorite in college hockey, after MTU and UAA.

2) My "tasteless attacks on UND players"?? Are you for freakin' real? Maybe if your players quit peeing in elevators and such, they wouldn't give me great material. Get a sense of humor. RELAX. That's what half of this particular blog entry is about. Sioux fans (and basically everyone) just needs to CHILL.

3) "will your players please stop grabbing, hooking, and hugging our skilled players all the time....?" Um... Yeah, I know... Your team is filled with angels. I agree that my team did some things this weekend that I disagree with, but if you take off your green goggles for a second you can see that it was happening from both sides. And to answer your question, YES, they will quit doing all that to your "skilled" players. We're probably done meeting this season.

Anyway... to sum it up... chill out a little bit. Forgive me for bringing creativity into a rink. Do you know how much stuff John Scott went through from opposing fans when he made bad decisions? Any player who makes poor decisions will pay consequences. My advice: Don't pee in the elevator and then cock off to the cops when it's all said and done.

And I'm definitely not making the 'Kato trip this weekend, but I am thinking of UMN @ UMD...... although it probably won't happen...

Boosh said...

Don't pick on Archie, Archie is nice ;)

Matt Greene jersey!

I need a Sioux jersey. My pink shirt isn't enough. Drew Dobson needs to hack Finley between the legs more :D

Go Landcows ;)

Anonymous said...

Agree, people relax, it's just a sign. Go Sioux!

Dirty said...

Michigan Tech touched me in an inappropriate manner last night. :(

MeanEgirl said...

Speaking of.......


Jon said...

Poo jokes on one sign and pee jokes on another? Do I detect a trend here? :D

MeanEgirl said...

Hehe! Good catch, Jon. I'm quite fascinated by human waste.

IrishHockeyFan said...

My sister used to make up signs similar to that to take to Notre Dame games razzing whoever we were playing and Notre Dame usually objected to some pf them. Oddly, they objected to the wrong ones, ones that were -- in our opinion anyway -- less offensive. They did not allow the "M Go Blow" one, or it's highly toned down replacement "M Go #$@*". But they saw no problem with one she tried that said "Scalp the Redskins" as Miami was known years ago, or the one no one seemed to understand when Kent State still had a program, "Gun Down Kent State." I agree with MEg by the way, the world needs to un-bunch their panties and get some pespective.

MeanEgirl said...

Thank you, irishhockeyfan. And "M Go Blow" is cool. Good god, people need to relax. I'm glad someone understands.

The Darkness said...

M Go Blow is not a good one.

That's horrible and you should all be ashamed of yourselves no wonder your hockey teams suck.

Wait a minute ...

Okay, except for the part of the Huskies that I lay claim to, that team rocks (I said rocks again)