Saturday, December 29, 2007

Words Cannot Even Say...

It is difficult to really describe the feelings of a Tech fan after GLI on Friday. If I block out the first game, it was such a perfect night. It has been a LONG time (~7 years) since Michigan Tech has gotten to the championship game.

On a personal note, I would like to thank the Tech coaching staff and the players for making this game end with a desirable result. I really, REALLY needed this. Currently, I am the most grateful college hockey fan and still sitting on Cloud 9.

One wonders what was different about this night as opposed to Tech GLI games in the past. Well, for one, we were playing the defending national champions. Probably pretty much everyone expected us to lose. I have compiled a quick, short list of reasons of things that were...different... this time around; why my team may have won (FINALLY!) on a GLI game:
- Twitch Boy didn't show up (the team is 0-10 when he's there)
- I wore my new black jersey instead of my gold jersey, which hasn't seen a game won at GLI
- The Darkness SAID we would win
- I forgot my camera :(
- Mitch's Misfits VP Andrew Kolbus got his wisdom teeth out earlier that day but still showed up to GLI, not allowing a bloody mouth to stop him from going to hockey
- There was no Spartan Brass (THANK GOD)
- I forgot my gold shoes... left them in Houghton
- I didn't play much of the cymbals for Pep Band, which I normally do at GLI
- My former housemate Rob came to GLI... It was his first GLI ever
- Karma to the State fans that were being jackasses
- Mitch's Misfits VP Andrew wore his amazing new tie ... gold and black striped.. just awesome.
Or maybe... the Huskies just played a great game. Maybe Robby Nolan played like all Tech fans KNOW he can play. Maybe they just got the bounces for once. Maybe they earned this win.


Shelast's first goal - AWESOME redirect from Kerr that went right between Lerg's lil' legs.

Jordan Baker's AMAZING hit on a State player. This guy got totally flipped upside down... his feet were up 6' in the air and his head was on the ice. It was like a somersault. This hit was of Mike Batovanja proportions.

Pete Rouleau's rocket shot... beautiful!

I finally got to meet one of my favorite USCHO posters, Providence fan Jon

Robby Nolan got his mojo back. What a GREAT game played by Robby! He kept this Tech in this game and made some really amazing saves. THAT is the Nolan I know.

The atmosphere was created by Michigan Tech fans! UM and MSU fans were fairly quiet during the games, except when their teams scored.

The celebration after Shelast's ENG... FANTASTIC!!

There will be no UM-MSU game this season. :)

WE WON!!!! :D

Win or lose tomorrow, I am quite pleased with a win against my most hated team. I am extremely happy that I FINALLY got to witness at GLI win. And with that said, GO GET 'EM, HUSKIES!


Donald Dunlop said...

Nice win Tech! Go out and get a trophy tonight. I cant imagine anything sweeter for you guys than beating State and "the U" in the same weekend.

MeanEgirl said...

"The U" = Minnesota or some other school that is not Michigan. No one calls Michigan "the U". :P

Michigan = "U of M"

Didn't get that win, but I'll be damned if my team didn't put forth a great effort and Nolan sparkled in net. I can't be too upset.