Tuesday, December 25, 2007

GLI Preview/Pre-tournament Whining 2007

Ok, so the guys couldn't get it done against NMU during my LAST year as a student there. Fine. We'll compromise.

Dear Michigan Tech Husky Hockey Team:

You mother****ers better win at LEAST one game at GLI this year otherwise I will SERIOUSLY flip my lid. I've given you all so much in the past 5 years (even though you weren't all around to know), and I have asked for so little. One win is all I need. Of course I would love more, but I'm not a greedy Tech fan. I just want my GLI-win cherry to be popped this year! The game against MSU is the best place to start. Please win at least one game for me this weekend.

Now, a quick overview of the teams/matchups... I'd put more effort into this, but I'm on dialup right now.

UM vs PC - UM's been playing pretty well this season it seems. Probably expect a win from them, but then again there is a reason these games are played. No one is giving PC the time of day, but don't be too shocked if they come out and make things interesting.

MTU vs MSU - Oh god, how I hate State so much. Sadly, they've been getting lucky a lot this year (similar to post-season last year). I would greatly appreciate it if Tech could finally start finding the back of the net with some QUALITY chances. Not only would it be great for me and my fellow Tech fans if we won, but it would shut up those idiot commentators on FSN-Detroit.

And as for day two: ANYTHING but a UM-MSU championship game PLEASE. I know the FSN-D people always get a hard-on when it happens year after year. No more this year, please.

And to Michigan Tech parents and alumni: Be sure to bring your wallet to GLI. We will be selling raffle tickets for Robby and Michael-Lee's goalie masks from last season, along with 48 other great prizes. Again, this raffle is being put on by the Michigan Tech Blueline Club and all money earned will go directly to Mitch's Misfits and the Huskies Pep Band so that they may both continue their support of our Hockey Huskies!


Boosh said...

Please don't kill yourself if we lose both games, because odds are, we will.

Anonymous said...

Well, Ms. MeanEGirl, you can now rest in peace. The Huskies beat MSU 4-1 at the GLI. Maybe your message to the hockey team did the trick. By the way, now I want to win the goalie mask after buying tickets from you.

Bob T

MeanEgirl said...

Bob: Thank you for supporting the Pep Band and Mitch's Misfits by buying the raffle tickets. :) We really do appreciate that... and good luck with the raffle.

And yes... my team pulled through. They could not have picked a better game to win. :)