Sunday, December 02, 2007


Okay, so evidently, whenever a fan from another team goes to a Tech game and cheers for Tech, they lose. So, sorry guys, it's my fault. I take full responsibility.

MEg asked me, "Why do other fans always want to be Tech fans?" Well, that's not a direct quote, but I've been up since like 6:30, so forgive me for not recalling it exactly.

I think, historically, the answer isn't exactly complimentary. I think people cheered for Tech because they figured they were pretty harmless, or even because they felt bad for them. I also think people have cheered for Tech because they want to hook up with MEg. I also know I will be killed for writing that, but I've lived a good life. Tonight, I cheered for Tech because 1. I was sitting with Tech fans 2. MEg forced me to cheer for Tech 3. Tech is very similar to TDogs and 4. They were playing TStinkin' Gophers!

I'd like to apologize to Tech fans for the crappy conditions of the roads. I mean, there wasn't THAT much snow, and it's not like we live in freaking HAWAII or something. We SHOULD know how to clear our MAJOR HIGHWAYS. And the city streets were disastrous: I almost got stuck about 50 million times, probably because I drive a Saturn and not, oh, a Patton Tank.

It took me quite awhile to get to the arena, which majorly sucked, and my "date" for the evening had ditched me to go save lives or fight fires or something. Oh well, his loss, as Gopher wins seem to be hard to come by. There were plenty of other ticketholders missing, and our entire group (approx. 10 people) managed to sit behind the Tech bench (key for viewing my favorite Huskies, RN and JR!) for the whole game. Those ticketholders? Literally fair-weather fans.

MEg is a very popular person. I don't like this, as I love attention and she was TOTALLY ignoring me for people like Melmac, Flagguy, Flagguy's tall friend, her "boyfriend" from last year's Old Chicago Schmooze 'n' Booze, BPH, Shirtless Guy, etc. NOT COOL. Also, I really wish she had given me a Cliff's Notes on Misfits cheers, as there were very few I could participate in, since there were so many words. I just clapped along in my ill-fitting Huskies windbreakers and Mardi Gras beads, and waved and blew kisses to the Gopher student section when they chanted "Husky Women." I pointed out that MEg, the three girls behind us, and I equalled probably one St. Cloud fan. And that's being polite to St. Cloud!

(I should point out that MEg is a slave driver when it comes to posting. I VOLUNTEERED to write this article and she is breathing down my neck pestering me to finish it. Therefore, if you think it sucks, just remember it was written under duress. And if I get crap grades in Accounting, it will be because she is making me do this article RIGHT NOW instead of studying.)

So, the game was rather disappointing. It looked good, as the Huskies put the puck in the net first, but it was overruled by Goon's BFF Don Adam. Kinrade (the goal scorer, and also a Hottie) was the only player (other than MLT and LIF) on the ice at the time, and when it was waved off, I could swear there was a tear in his eye. The Gophers scored soon after, but the Huskies came back to tie it on a goal from Seth Green. Oops, I mean Peter Rouleau. SHAVE YOUR BEARD, DUDE. Then the powers-that-be started hyperventilating at the though of the Mighty Mighty Gophers getting swept by the lowly Huskies, so Mr. Belding got on the phone to Mikey, and then Malcolm Gwilliam was called for a CFB 5/10. The Huskies killed off the entire penalty, which was totally sweet, but then things just kind of... sucked. There were some not-so-fantastic defensive breakdowns that led to a few breakaways by random Gopher players, but MLT is a genius (no, he doesn't "stand on his head" to make those amazing saves... he just makes them because he is THAT GOOD you idiots!) and kept the game within reach. Sadly, the Huskies were never able to get much going offensively, and in the 3rd period only had 2 SOG, which is quite a depressing number. I was surprised that JR didn't pull MLT, since he pulled him against TUMD and then left the net empty after the first ENG, but you never know what's going on inside that handsome head of his.

Watching this game was especially frustrating because I was getting text messages of TUMD game, and they were losing as well. The sad thing was, I was pretty sure that, by watching how Tech played, I was watching how T'Dogs played, except we got a SHG. However, I can also guarantee you that the Mavs looked NOTHING like the Gophers, but that's self-evident.

I guess this is my way of making up for missing TInvasion, which sounds like SO MUCH FUN, and we all know I am the Anti-Fun. I'll now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.


Boosh said...

Only cool people drive Saturns.

I would have given you attention, no one likes to give me any either.

I thought I heard the dumb "Husky Women" thing, Gopher fans need to get a little more creative.

HuskyNation said...

Boosh -
Big school, small minds. They literally don't know how to be creative.

It was awesome that you came to the game even though it was incredibly frustrating that Max didn't know the rulebook or the penalties he was calling. Hopefully the fun outweighed the pain.

I think we all need to shed a tear that MEg and RWD will not be sharing any part of tInvasion together. *sigh*