Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Don't Stop Believing.

It's the night before play-ins and tensions are definitely high around here so here is a quick pep talk from the staff of the one and only Michi-
gan Tech Hockey Blog to the men of the Michigan Tech Hoc-
key team.

They've called up perennial doormats, and push-overs, they laughed at us and wrote us off, they petitioned to get us out of our own league, they didn't want us, they wanted to get rid of us. But the tables are beginning to turn now, now they're beginning to learn the last team you want to see standing in front of you is us. Now is the time to crawl away from the proverbial kiddie table and on to the buffet. This is the time boys to shock the world to announce this is our time and you will not take this from us.

We've fought as a team, we've won as a team we've lost as a team and now it's time for us to succeed as a team or to crumble as a team. Everything to this point means nothing if we lose another, nothing means anything if we can't step on the ice and shock the world, if we can't go out show that we are a force that cannot be over looked. We have everything it takes to beat any team they put in front of us. Bring on the Badgers, bring on the Gophers, bring on those fake wanna be Huskies, bring on the Sioux, and if they have the courage bring on the Red Wings. I have faith that we can take on anybody as long as we play our game. If we go out there, we hit hard, we skate hard, and put the puck in the net we will win this game.

WE WILL WIN THIS GAME. We will play our game, we will skate like there is no tomorrow, we will hit like we can not be hurt, we will pass, we will shot and we will score, WE WILL WIN THIS GAME.

I know you've played a lot of hockey in the last week and I know we're asking a lot out of you, but I promise you make it to the end of the week and you will feel no pain. We've come to far to give it up now, we've done to much, we've learned to much, we have to many expecting so much, we will win this game. We've done our part we supported you, we've followed you, we've believed in you when no else would, and all we ask in return is this one game. We will win this game.


Boosh said...

Lemme at 'em! Lemme at 'em! Don't stop me, lemme at 'em!

Anonymous said...

hey as uaa fan good luck congrats on the season and great job on the playoffs and good luck agents the badgers.

Anonymous said...

I'm ready Coach! Let's go beat the BADgers senseless!


MeanEgirl said...

Apparently the team didn't read your entry here. After I read it, I think I could've got on the ice and did a more quality job than they did.