Saturday, March 10, 2007

Another one bites the dust (or Gone in 39 seconds)

"If they're gonna get it done, they're gonna need to do it quick." "They're not use to the altitude the longer the game goes the more CC is just gonna wear them down." As the tonights game between the Michigan Tech Huskies and the Colorado College Tigers entered a fourth period one thing was clear to the handful of Michigan Tech faithful in attendance at the World Arena in Colorado Springs, if this game didn't end quickly it was going to be a long night.

When the puck dropped to start the deciding period Tech immediately attacked, working the puck into the CC zone and applying pressure to goalie Matt Zaba. Even when CC tried to fight back and clear the puck, Tech continued their pressure keeping the puck and the zone, and before CC had time to realize what was going on, before the Michigan Tech fans had time to start a chant, and before the clock had time to turn to 19:20 Junior Jimmy Kerr was finishing off a shot by Justin St. Louis that slipped pass Zaba poking the puck pass the goal line. As the Tigers laid on the ice trying to comprehend what had just occurred, and before the Tech fans could recover from their celebrations the Tech hockey team was gone, retreating to the locker to prepare for Saturday nights game.

From the first period, the name of the game was defense and when senior Tyler Skworchinski, executed a perfect move right in front of the CC net, totally drawing Zaba out of position only to miss a wide open net it was obvious that this was going to be a long game.

The Michigan Tech defense along with goalie Michael-Lee Teslak came up big time after time blocking shots over and over and coming up with saves where the entire building was certain that the puck must be sitting in the back of the name. On the other side of the rink it just fell like no matter how opportunities the Huskies worked themselves into they just couldn't find the net, and the times they did Zaba was there to make three or four great stops to send Tech back wonder what they would have to do put a point on the board.

Towards the middle of the second period the mental fortitude of Michigan Tech seemed to break down as they appeared unable to find the puck or the Tigers while on defense giving up numerous breaks. Fortunately Teslak stood strong, and the defense always seemed to find a way to recover. But after captain Lars Helminen was forced to take a penalty in order to fend off a CC player streaking unchecked towards Teslak, CC scored their one and only goal of the game after a rebound was lifted over Teslak's shoulder and into the goal.

Tech fought back as eventually Peter Rouleau was able to find the net tying the score at one as the second period slowly reached the final minutes. This is the way the score would remain until those faithful thirty-nine seconds into overtime.

Tech's win is just another accomplishment in a year that has lifted a lot of stigma off of our backs. This win was Tech's first win in The World Arena after sixteen consecutive loses, and ended a losing streak in the WCHA playoffs that dated back to 1998. As well as crossing these two milestones off of their to do list, this wins guarantees that Tech will finish the year above .500. The next accomplishments that will erase long years of Tech suffering through their own misfortunes will come with their next win, as there next win will lead them to a WCHA playoff series victory, and no longer being the only WCHA team to have never played in the Xcel Energy Center. Here's hoping that our boys wrap this series up Saturday night.

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Peter said...

I must have been right near you because I heard the exact same thing from your fans that I had the "pleasure" of sitting next to. As soon as you got in in our zone I knew it was all over, we played sloppy and you guys took care of it. We'll see what happens tonight...