Sunday, March 11, 2007


Why can't we just play hockey the way I know we how to. So many blown opportunities, so many chances to put the puck into the net and nothing. Where was the intensity that we all have come to know and love, where were the big hits and the never say die attitude that wins games. Why are we having so many problems picking up open players sitting in front of our own goals. Come on this is not the best we can do, we can not keep doing this to ourselves.

You have made a believer out me, you made me expect something great, and now when it's all on the line this is the best you can come out with. I expect more, I've spent the last week exclaiming to every possible person who was willing to listen that Tech was going to sweep and this is the best we can come up with. Sure we won last night, but really we still were playing nowhere near our best. Tomorrow night I expect to see more from you, I expect to see the intensity and determination that makes this a team that other teams have learned to fear.

Well it's time for this collection of Tech faithful to start the rehabilitation process. A bad day is a good cause for a good night, and we would like to thank the staff of The World Arena for starting us off on the right track. Huskies if you read this I want you know tomorrow night I expect more and you better deliver.


Boosh said...

I thought you were going to be the professional one and I was going to be the crazy emotional one

The Darkness said...

I never promised to be professional I promised to present the world according to me and that is what I did.

Peter said...

I just want to clarify something that one of your wonderful fans said Friday night. I overheard someone say that CC's head trainer Richard Quincy is a Michigan Tech grad. Well that's only partially correct. He graduated from CC in '86 and did his masters in exercise physiology at MT in '89. I figured I would share that on here since this individual is more likely to read your blog than mine! oh, and start writing up your "it was a good season" speech cuz you will be done tonight!

db said...

We got some of that free soda at the game as well. It was nasty.

GO Tech.

PS. I was bad luck, and chose not to go on Sunday.