Thursday, November 23, 2006

Something to Smile About

While MEg is busy being angry about the ignorance and foolishness of the overly politically correct, I figured I'd share something that we can all be happy about. This came from George Gwozdecky, coach of the Denver Pioneers. (Special thanks to Quizmire for this.)

I think that Michigan Tech ... I think everybody here who watched this series saw a completely different Michigan Tech team then they have in many, many years and they play hard, they play well together, they're getting great goaltending and they're the kind of team that is going to be in every series throughout this year and it doesn't surprise me that they've had the success up to this point they've had because they're a very good team.
I'm impressed with Michigan Tech, speaking, to get outshot by a team like that is nothing to be embarrassed about or anything like that. They gain an awful lot of respect for how they play and as I said before, I think they're going to be outshooting quite a few teams this year. I think that they stood the league on its ear last weekend with what they did against Duluth - manhandling Duluth, [a] pretty darn good Bulldog team, and they went to Vermont about a month ago and took Vermont apart. Vermont's a damn good team, so when you look at that, and you say, well, how come you got out-shot, they're a pretty good team, they're a pretty darn good team.

One summer seems to have made quite the difference, not only with our Huskies, but with the entire WCHA. Check out this week's standings:

1. Minnesota
2. Denver
3. North Dakota
Michigan Tech
....Alaska Anchorage
....Colorado College
7. St. Cloud
9. Minnesota-Duluth
....Minnesota State

The presence of the shiny rodents at the top isn't surprising, but seeing Seawolves and MTU Huskies at number 5 with the Badgers at 7 makes this Tech fan happy. There's still plenty of hockey to go around, and next weekend will bring quite a bit of entertainment with the continuation of our MEg-Borer soap opera in a battle of the Huskies. I guess if you're a Husky fan, that means there's no way to lose in this series. We can forget about ignorant old women who run their mouths on bullcrap topics and look forward to some awesome hockey instead, regardless of the mascots and their ethnic affiliations.

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