Sunday, November 05, 2006

What the Heck Is Up With this Hockey Thing?

So, after the early season noise made about the Huskies' miraculous start, it seems we are as mortal as the rest of the WCHA. I personally cannot be a reliable source for game information, as I was busy listening to the Edmonton Oilers get royally screwed by ever-stupid ref Mick McGeough, as well as watching Don Adam screw over the UMD Bulldogs on my awesome cable package at home. By the time the Huskies played, I was half asleep and absorbed in a wonderful calc assignment, while talking to MEg and trying to download Real Player to get the stupid broadcast to work, so I missed most of the game.

From what I've seen, Tech played hockey, but not to the end result we would have liked. CC maintained a shots-on-goal advantage Friday, wheras Tech took the SOG margin Saturday, but both games ended unpleasantly for us loyal Tech fans. Ironically, the only losses this year have come on Olympic size sheets.

These losses beg the question, what happened? Like I said, I don't have the answers, but I can offer some condolence to anyone ready to jump off the wagon. This year is no different than the others, it has merely started out a bit sketchier conference-wise. The great thing about the WCHA is that any team can win any weekend, as shown by UAA playing hard and splitting the weekend with the Badgers, after Tech dealing them a 0-9 loss and a weekend sweep. UND and SCSU played to a 3 point weekend for the Sioux. UMD and UMN would have split the weekend if not for outrageously bad officiating. Tech has a horrible record with CC, but there is nothing to say that we cannot move on and continue our winning ways, provided the psycholgical part of the sweep does not affect anyone, which it should not by any means. One cannot expect any team to play a perfect season in a league as competitive and diverse as the WCHA. If we wanted to win week in and week out we'd go to the CHA, at which point I'd pack my bags and move to Madison. So fans, remain faithful and keep those Boosh Factors high, because this upcoming weekend will be an exciting one. I cannot make any guarantees, but look for some high quality hockey at the John MacInnes Student Ice Arena--I know I'm ready for it.

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