Monday, November 13, 2006

MTU Team Embarrasses UMD Team

...Ok, so I wouldn't call it an embarrassment, just as I wouldn't really call RWD's blog entry on me an embarrassment... at least not entirely. It just works with the whole name scheme.

Last Friday's battle between the Huskies and the UMD Bulldogs proved to go absolutely... nowhere. The teams fought their hardest and only walked away with a 0-0 tie. Perhaps the lack of results was due to the lack of energy in the building.

The goaltending on Friday night was outstanding. The passing was a bit sloppy. The checks (at least the ones by the Huskies) were outstanding.

On Friday night, Drew Dobson saw his first ice time in a WCHA game. The overall impression that he has made on the Tech fans was very positive. I personally thought he came out with a lot of energy from beginning until end, working hard every step of the way. Coach Russell must've also been pleased with his hard work, as he was in the lineup on Saturday night as well (where he assisted on Tech's first goal of the night!).

The results on Saturday proved to be a bit more exciting for Michigan Tech fans. MTU senior Tyler Skworchinski (3-3--6) put away the last two in the 4-1 Tech victory, including the icing-on-top empty netter at the end. Also scoring for the Huskies was Malcom Gwilliam (2-2--4) and Tyler Shelast (4-4--8) with the GWG.

Michigan Tech's goaltending this weekend was excellent. Michael-Lee Teslak posted his second shutout of the season on Friday night while Robby "No-More-Red-Light" Nolan stopped 95.2% of the shots he saw on Saturday.

Hopefully the guys can keep this up... great physical play, excellent goaltending, superior defense and very good depth. They will see their biggest challenge yet next week as they travel to Denver to face the Pioneers. The Pioneers are just coming off of a sweep against the defending national champions, the UW Badgers. They have a lot of momentum and home ice on their side. However, if the Huskies continue the way they've been playing, Denver is in for a real fight...


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