Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Just a Little Bit Short (Like Me...)

Apparently LetsGoMavs doesn't like me slacking on my blog, so to make her happy, I'll have to do an update. It's Thanksgiving Break for us Techies, so we're kind of lazy right about now. Michigan Tech is the only school in Michigan that gives their students a whole week off for Thanksgiving...

But anyway, on to hockey...

So last weekend our Huskies went to Denver to see what they could do against the then-11th ranked Pioneers, who were just coming off a sweep against UW at the Kohl Center. This was their first REAL test to see whether or not they mean business this year. I know I say that every week, but I mean it this week!

For this past weekend, I'm giving my team an A for effort. I don't think that's enough consolation for them, however.

The Michigan Tech Huskies proved that they could play with the big boys for 6 periods of hockey. Almost everything went the Huskies' way, except for the scoreboard.

Friday night was a heartbreaking 0-1 loss. Don Adam did everything he could to help our Huskies out. Tech was on the right side of a 5 on 3 power play for 1:31 AND had a 5 minute major powerplay. Unfortunately, Tech's powerplay is flatter than an 10 year old girl's chest. In the end though, Brock Trotter's very fluky first period power play goal would prove to be the game winner.

On Saturday the Huskies proved that they will not just lay down on the ice, no matter how deep of a hole they dug themselves into. After the first period, the Huskies found themselves down 0-2. They just couldn't seem to produce anything. Second period though, the Huskies came out firing. With goals less than 1:30 apart, the game was tied at 2. One of those goals was a powerplay goal, fortunately. Similar to the night before, they had over a minute of 5 on 3 AND a five minute major powerplay. They were again unable to do anything with either of those major opportunities though.

With each team getting a goal in the third, first Denver then 1:09 Tech returns the favor, overtime was forced. Both teams had some great opportunities in OT, but in the end, DU's Peter Maninno and MTU's Robby Nolan stood tall (like I only wish I could do), and reserved their teams each one WCHA point.

As for Tech's play this weekend... they played hard and were always in the game. Unfortunately, they only managed to take 1 point this weekend while they were deserving of all four, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

I'm pretty sure that the Huskies will be working on their power play at practice before SCSU comes to town on 1-2 December. That's definitely one area this team could use some help with. Everything else has been outstanding, namely the forechecking, goaltending and defense. The team always keeps the offensive pressure on, but just sometimes has a problem finding the back of the net.

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