Sunday, December 03, 2006

Something to Not Smile About

Argh. Our undefeated record in the MacInnes for the 06-07 season is gone. All gone.

I don't even want to talk about Friday.

Saturday however! Great hockey abound! Hockey like that is the reason why there are hockey fans. For the second night in a row, the Huskies outshot the Huskies... Ryan Bunger got his first goal as a Husky to bring make the score 1-0 Tech. It continued on that way for over 20 minutes until Marty Mjelleli tied up the game. Unfortunately, Marty struck yet again about 7 minutes later, with about 2 minutes left in the game, to make it 2-1 SCSU. Though Tech was discouraged, they certainly didn't give up. Only 23 seconds later, Ryan Angelow found the back of the net to tie up the score.

Overtime commenced.

Enter: Heartbreak. With only 11 seconds left in overtime SCSU somehow got one right by Robby Nolan. Crap.

As disappointing as the game was, as hard as the guys worked, as much as they have to show for it (nothing, zero conference points), I am VERY pleased with the team. They played EXCELLENT hockey and stood tough with one of the tougher teams in Division I hockey.

Michigan Tech, who is now 6-6-2 (3-5-2 WCHA), will be facing their biggest challenge of the season thus far, #1 Minnesota, 13-1-3 (7-0-3 WCHA). The Huskies are looking forward to handing the Gophers their first conference loss[es] of the season in the MacInnes. I think I can speak for all Tech fans when I say, I hope Don Adam isn't the ref...

.................. You know it's true.


letsgomavs said...

What happened between you and Casey this weekend?!?!

ed said...

Anyone's gotta be better than Freisma at this point. Anyone. Even Anderson.

MeanEgirl said...

Mason will never be better than anyone.

Goon said...

Hey Mean Girl it looks like you have a career as an actress. I saw your latest clip on you tube, it was really funny.