Sunday, December 03, 2006

You Are Cordially Invited...

The real action in Houghton this weekend wasn't on the ice, but off. We all remember the Part I of our love saga between MEg and Casey Borer, seen here, and discussed here. The conclusion to this epic love story, which continued last year in St. Cloud, was much anticipated this weekend, and let me say, it turned out to be much better than the hockey, especially Friday's.

The action began early Friday, as MEg attempted to flirt with
Casey as he got ready for the game on the bench. Casey ignored her for roughly 5 minutes while Aaron Brocklehurst got off to his weekend of douchbagginess early by criticizing MEg's undying love for Casey. As Casey headed to the locker room, though, he informed MEg that he would be happy to accept her offer of a single red rose after the game.

As warmups began,
MEg faithfully waited for Casey, bearing her sign informing the rest of the team of Casey's obvious desire to be with MEg. He couldn't resist continually glancing over in her direction, smiling throughout. Casey's teammates didn't want anyone to know of their captain's weak spot for a real Husky, so they fruitlessly tried to injure MEg with pucks, but were thwarted thanks to the MacInnes's high-strength polycarbonate boards.

Friday came and went without
Casey visiting MEg in the penalty box, but Saturday night would bring more fun. As MEg entered the arena for the night, she was greeted by Casey leading the team in running around the building. She offered her rose again, but Casey ran off. She tried hard to resist chasing after him, and felt it would be better to save it for another time. Once again, MEg faithfully displayed her affection for Casey throughout the game, but Casey denied her advances and remained out of the penalty box.

Once the game was complete, MEg stood waiting for Casey to emerge from the dressing room, and soon enough, he came. Casey, being the shy man he is, tried to avoid MEg, but she soon noticed her love, and ran to meet him. She offered her rose, and finally, he graciously accepted. After the usual pictures, and the Zamboni driver's best efforts to run the couple over, it happened.

Yes, friends,
MEg got down on one knee, and despite Casey's attempt to leave, she proposed marriage to her love. Casey was left breathless, but what would he say...? After what seemed like a lifetime of waiting, what does he utter?


has accepted her offer to spend their lives together (click the "Yes" for full details). MEg attempts to put the cheap plastic ring on his finger, and the two will forever share their existence.

Later that night,
MEg informs Carly (Casey's "girlfriend") on Facebook of their engagement, hoping to avoid any complications. She even offered to let Carly be a bridesmaid. Carly, obviously knowing of Casey's desire for MEg, replied "I would just love to be a part of both of your happiness." To me, though, it sounds like she wants a threesome more than anything, but its official, MEg and Casey will be wed. They will announce a date and location soon, but for now, enjoy the sequel to Part I on the MEg and Casey saga here.

Congratulations to the new couple!


letsgomavs said...

Oh my god!! That is pee my pants funny!! I sent the link to my friend that is a Husky fan (who also thinks Casey is hot) and she got a kick out of it too. Good job! I'm jealous because the Mavs don't play at your arena this year to have you stalk one of them!! I want to see that! Maybe next year?

Who's going to be your next victim?

MeanEgirl said...

lgm, I didn't choose Casey. He chose me. We'll see what happens next year with the Mavs.

And Boosh, very well written. Good job!

Goon said...

Mean Girl,
Are you in the Band at MTU? Or what is that your wearing? Also, this has been an interesting turn of events.

MeanEgirl said...

Goon, yes I'm in the band, but not at hockey games. So I'm not wearing that for band. I enjoy looking ridiculous at hockey games. =)