Saturday, December 09, 2006

A Victory for the Short People

So, Tech gave up a hard game to the Go-farts tonight, but we're going to ignore that for now. As of yesterday morning, word was passed up that four year Michigan Tech standout, Chris Conner, would be making his NHL debut for the Dallas Stars against the Edmonton Oilers.

5'-8" Conner is seen here next to 6'-4" Oiler Jean-Francois Jacques. Much noise was made about Conner's size in the tidbits covering his recall.

As with his play at Tech, though, Conner did not let size matter. He played a total of 10:48 on the ice, included in that a 0:53 powerplay stint. He had 2 good hits, one missed shot, as well as 3 shots on goal, one of which was taken alone in front of the net, but Dwayne Roloson was able to stop Conner's best attempt to get his first goal in his first game. The Stars play again tonight vs. the Phoenix Coyotes. The official game review by the Stars listed his performace as "spirited" and he spent more time on the ice than the 2 other first timers of this week, so Chris may very well be given the opportunity to play again tonight and Monday vs. the Columbus Blue Jackets. Stay tuned for more updates.


Anonymous said...

Just saw you on Television. I'm postive it was you. Postive. You were doing a sieve chant, even though you were losing.

MeanEgirl said...

Anonymous, who was the directed at... myself or Boosh? He's the one that wrote that blog entry. :)

And don't tell me you've never done a sieve chant when you're losing. Oh wait, you're a Gopher fan.. you never lose. =P

Anonymous said...

Yes, that was directed at meanEgirl. And I'm not a gopher fan, I'm a MSU-M fan. I'm acclimated to losing.

MeanEgirl said...

Well then I'm sure you can really relate to doing a sieve chant even when you're losing. :)