Thursday, September 13, 2007

Meet Your Freshmen 2007: Bennett Royer

It's that time of year, THB readers... when we get to know our incoming freshmen for the season!

We'll start off with Bennett Royer. He was nice enough to answer some questions posed to him by the THB Staff. First, we'll start with the Royer file, then get into the Q&A.

Name: Bennett Royer
Number: 16
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
Position: Wing
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 190
Birthdate: 1/31/88
Last Team: Calgary (AJHL)
Favorite NHL Team: Calgary Flames

Tech Hockey Blog (THB): Why did you come to Michigan Tech?

Bennett Royer (BR): I decided to come to Michigan Tech because I loved the atmosphere on campus when I visited, and they have a great hockey program.

THB: Do you have any other family connections to Tech?

BR: No.

THB: What other schools were you looking to take your college hockey career to?

BR: Michigan Tech was at the top of my list for schools that had interest in me.

THB: What are your personal goals this year?

BR: I aim to help the team succeed as much as possible in any way that I am asked to.

THB: What is a realistic goal for the team this season?

BR: I think that with the group that we have this year we should expect nothing but the best. A realistic goal would be to advance far into the Final Five and make the NCAA tournament

THB: Which team do you look forward to beating the most?

BR: Beating Wisconsin in the Winter Carnival.

THB: Is this Michigan Tech's year at GLI?

BR: Yes it is. [I agree! Our time has come.]

THB: Describe your best hockey moment so far in your career.

BR: Scoring the winning goal in quadruple overtime in game 3 of the playoffs in my rookie season in junior, against Jordan Baker and the Olds Grizzlies.

THB: What is your favorite form of precipitation?

BR: Snow. [You came to the right place!]

THB: What kind of music do you enjoy?

BR: Mostly everything except for punk, emo, and rap. I love rock and roll. [Aww, c'mon, Bennett! Punk is good!]

THB: What other sports besides hockey do you like?

BR: I like golf and lacrosse.

THB: Are you a reader of the Tech Hockey Blog?

BR: Not yet. [I have a feeling that's about to change...]

THB: Do you have a second favorite college hockey team?

BR: No.

THB: What road trip are you most looking forward to?

BR: GLI. [While GLI will be fun, so will the Frozen Four trip to Denver this year!]

THB: How do you like the behind-the-scenes facilities (lockerroom, weightroom, etc) at MTU?

BR: They are great, top notch. [Eat your heart out, UND. Do you guys have a skating treadmill yet??]

THB: Describe the effects on you of having a rowdy crowd on your side.

BR: I think the best thing to get an athlete pumped up to play is a ton of screaming fans and when they are on your side its even better. So if I come out of the locker room hearing the fans getting behind the team I'm gonna be ready to go. [Misfits, please take note. In fact, all MTU Hockey fans, take note!]

THB: If you were a hot dog, would you eat yourself?

BR: Yes, but only because i know i would be an extremely tasty hot dog.

THB: Who has been the most influential in your hockey career?

BR: My dad.

THB: Is there anything you want to say to the Michigan Tech Hockey fans out there?

BR: Keep coming out to the games and supporting us because the more fans we get the better we will do as a team.


Dirty said...

Where is the question "Has Tech won a National Championship since you were born?" No, wait the answer to that is obvious. How about "Has Tech won the GLI since you were born?" Nah, that's just as obvious. Hmm, nevermind.

MeanEgirl said...

Dirty, I will end you.

Both of those can and will be changing within the next 1-4 years.

Anonymous said...

"If you were a hot dog would you eat yourself????" What the hell kind of a question is that!!!!

Honestly, MEg. Quit using your blog as a means to seduce freshmen hockey players.


Anonymous said...

I, too, was wondering about the hot dog question. The hell... Got a good giggle out of it, though.

Where are the existential questions like, "If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?" How about giving them a Rorschach test?


MeanEgirl said...

I ask the questions that people want to know.