Friday, August 17, 2007

Tech SID to go to Miami University

Michigan Tech's Associate Director of Athletic Communications & Marketing, Jon Oman, has accepted a position at Miami University as Assistant Athletic Media Relations Director.

Jon will be the "primary contact for the men's ice hockey program there, along with a few other sports."

He is greatly looking forward to this move, but will definitely not forget his experiences as the SID at Michigan Tech. Jon says, "I will always have the fond memories of Michigan and the many opportunities for growth I have been afforded here."

His last day at Michigan Tech will be on the 31st of this month and he will begin his new adventure on 6 September at Miami University.

Jon is a hardworking guy and Miami University will love having him. The THB staff wishes Jon Oman all of the best in the future.


Runninwiththedogs said...

Bitch get some content.

MeanEgirl said...

It's coming very soon. Good stuff too!