Saturday, February 24, 2007

We Want More TV Time!

Michigan Tech fan Richard Hall enjoys watching the Huskies play. He only wishes that he could share the joy with his friends and family back home in Spring Lake, Michigan, which is located in the lower peninsula.

FSN Detroit has great coverage of the Michigan-based CCHA teams, especially Michigan and Michigan State, which is a great hockey rivalry. Hall got to thinking... why not broadcast another great college hockey rivalry here in Michigan. While many people have the same thought cross their mind, no one will take initiative and do anything. Not Hall, however. He is the creator of the Petition to FSD to televise the MTU-NMU hockey series every year.

Who knows whether or not it will work. There can't be any harm in trying though! So whether you're a Michigan Tech, Northern Michigan, Boston College, Robert Morris fan, or just a college hockey fan in general, support this movement,

Sign the online petition today.

Photo courtesy of Anthony Reynolds

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