Saturday, February 24, 2007

Bring the Boys Back Home


Looks like our guys have found something that's working. A beautiful performance holding the Badgers to a 2-0 shutout. Michael-Lee Teslak continues his career of ridiculous saves. Unfortunately, though, we found out that our 5-on-3 is more horrendous than the 5-on-4 powerplay. Save a few burst blood vessels by Badger coach Mike Eaves and some chippy play, especially by Jack Skille, nothing too out of the ordinary these days.

What a night in the rest of the hockey world as well. Notre Dame secured their first CCHA regular season title last week, and then went and lost to Ferris State 5-2. Not something for the #1 team to do this close to the end of the season. Denver held down North Dakota in overtime, St. Cloud anihilated the WCHA best Gophers 5-1, Minnesota State embarrassed CC, and Duluth proved that their season isn't a complete waste against Anchorage. What a situation this generates in the points. I'm not one to buy into the whole calculating every mathematical possibility thing, but if Denver holds fast tomorrow night, and North Dakota gives up their two final games to St. Cloud, all our Huskies need to do is finish off the Badgers, defeat the Gophers once, preferably twice, and pray that Duluth can overcome Wisconsin. What's even better is, since St. Cloud took this game, if they win their next 3, they will eek out a conference title by one point. Granted, a win against the Gophers in Minneapolis will be slightly more difficult than winning at home, but hey, anything is possible.

I guess the premise of this was for me to kid myself into holding on to what little hope still exists for getting to see my Huskies face the (insert choice derragatory adjective here) Sioux in Houghton for the playoffs. Heck, if things go slightly less than perfect, there's still a chance for me to get to go down to Madison to brave the Kohl Center once again. I'm going to refrain from being too much of a speculator though. Baby steps, my friends, baby steps.

One would assume that Rob Nolan will be holding down the fort tomorrow night, and the best of luck to him. Mike Eaves probably shit a brick on the Badger bench, and I'm guessing a few faces were stuck in it after the game. We'll see how things go, and save the speculation for tomorrow

Oh, and the Red Wings gave up their 13 game winning streak despite every attempt by the officials to throw the game in their favor. Way to screw it up and keep the Oilers alive.

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MeanEgirl said...

Pfft. We don't need to bring the Red Wings into this. Let's just keep it about Tech, ya jerk!