Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bad Week for Tech Players

Now is probably not a good time for me to be writing this, although it's better than if I had written it a couple hours ago.

Rough weekend for our dear Huskies. Really rough. Just when things were going right and we took 3 points from Colorado College last week, this weekend against Minnesota State, Mankato seemed like the perfect time to give us a little boost up into 5th place in the WCHA, making home ice playoffs very much within reach. Well, so much for that, eh?

Tech fell 0-2 after the first period of Friday's game. Luckily, they picked it right back up and were able to put away two goals. Then came my least favorite part of Michigan Tech hockey... OT. Although Michigan Tech outshot Mankato 39-16, they were rewarded with nothing more than a tie, as MSUM goaltender Zacharias stood tall (something I always wished I would be able to do).

Saturday was basically the opposite of Friday. Tech scored first this time. MSUM carried play for most of the game. Overtime came around and the 1-1 tie would be broken. The decision went in favor of Mankato, who was the harder working team that game. Robby Nolan played a GREAT game, but sadly couldn't carry the whole team. Unfortunately, Mankato got the W.

Since the Huskies only got ONE point out of the weekend, they're going to need nothing short of some miracles in the home stretch of the regular season if they still want home ice playoffs. It isn't going to be easy. These three points they missed out on this weekend REALLY hurt.

Denver will be making the trip to Houghton this weekend for the Winter Carnival series. Tech always plays well for that. Let's hope they can play well enough to take a couple of points this weekend.

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