Wednesday, November 14, 2007

An Ode To Jamie Russell

Hello, I'm RunninwiThThedogs. You may remember me from such blogs as, The one you'd beTTer already be reading, biTch!

GreaT, I goT The blog pimp ouT of The way immediaTely. LeT's geT This show on The road. This is a very exciTing Time in my young life. As you may already be aware, I am SMITTEN wiTh MTU Head Coach Jamie Russell (unless he is sporTing ThaT misguided Beard of NasTiness). And THIS WEEKEND, I am going To MEET HIM. I Think. If I can geT up The courage.

I mean, hello. Rrrar.

Aside from The issue ThaT he has The Thousand-yard sTare of a major sToner (and who am I To judge?) he is a Major HoTTie. AcTually, he is a Five-STar General HoTTie, and Five-STar Generals are hard To come by.

I hope you didn'T come To This siTe looking for acTual hockey conTenT, because you're going To be sad. And Then you'll cry like a NorTh DakoTa fan afTer a loss To Michigan Tech.

Okay, okay, dry your Tears. I'll Talk abouT JR's mad recruiTing skillz.
I mean, look aT some of The people he's recruiTed:

Seriously. Michigan Tech has a long TradiTion of recruiTing ToTally HoT HoTTies. And I am definiTely in favor of This pracTice. And I have definiTely undermined any credibiliTy I may have once had (alThough I'm jusT deluding myself To Think ThaT I ever had any!) by wriTing This jersey-chasing (well, suiT-chasing, as JR doesn'T wear a jersey) arTicle. AND JR is probably Taking ouT a resTraining order on me as we speak, but ThaT's cool. All I wanT is Two BULLDOG WINS, and Then I'll be around To console any Techies ThaT may need me. HEAR THAT! I'LL BE IN DULUTH! GLORY, GLORY HALLELUJAH! LET'S GO BULLDOGS!

*note* There are no small Ts in This arTicle aT all!


MeanEgirl said...

...Omg. I can't believe I let you do this, haha!

And thanks for not using any of the stupid little "t"s... but I think you went overboard. =P Yeah, I know... I'm never happy.

Speaking of never being happy... WHY ARE YOUR LINKS YELLOW?! They need to be GOLD.

Good luck with meeting Jamie. I hope he doesn't get a chance to read this beforehand. ;)

pyhtboss said...

Deleting RSS feed in 3... 2... 1...


LetsGoMavs said...

The big "t" thing has to be the most annoying thing to read! Ugg. My eyes hurt.

RWD- Grab JR's butt for me:)

Boosh said...


Runninwiththedogs said...

MEg does not like small ts. She goes into fits.
Anyone know where JR is staying? We're in D-town right now!!

Runninwiththedogs said...

TRAGEDY! JR did NOT come to the lunch... evidently coaches don't go to the lunches on the road. LAMES.

Anonymous said...

Wait a second, did I stumble onto the wrong blog. I see Tech colors and all but this is way to high quality for anything written by a Techster, even the famed Darkness of who I am very disappointed has not written anything in a while. Maybe he'll start writing again soon that would make me happy.

And yes just to agree Tech men are sexy, just look at The Darkness that just proves it.