Friday, November 23, 2007

Finally - A Break!

Yes, Tech fans. Finally our team will get a weekend off. This could not have come a better time, as there are a lot of injuries to nurse. There will be no losses this weekend, nor ties for the Huskies. Sadly, no wins either. I definitely need this break... I think we all do.

Guys, I hope you're preparing for a fun weekend in Minneapolis against the Gophers. I dreamed of a split for this series during the offseason, so I expect to get at least that.


Boosh said...

Interesting that the break comes on a weekend where you don't have to do as much as you would in a full week of school. I think its a conspiracy against you.

You should go to Minneapolis too

MeanEgirl said...

Minneapolis is so far up in the air right now... it's a coin toss...