Saturday, October 28, 2006

Tech Squeaks by Anchorage, 9-0

Where does one even begin when writing about the UAA @ MTU game on Friday 27 October 2006? It's something that won't be forgotten by a lot of people...

I'm not sure that it has hit me yet... the score, Teslak's shut out, and Rouleau's hat trick. What an amazing night. What more could a Tech fan ask for?

Nine goals in one game. That is more goals than Michigan Tech got in any single weekend last year. Three Huskies got three points each on the night: Rouleau, Gagne, and Shelast, while Helminen and Axtell each picked up two points. Angelow, St. Louis, Kerr, Wilkens, Skworchinski, Gwilliam, and Kitti got one point apiece. The highlights of the night (besides scoring NINE freakin' goals) were of course Rouleau's HAT TRICK, with hats from the Misfits peppering the ice (just awesome I might add), and Teslak's first collegiate shut out. It's a great night to be a Michigan Tech Husky Hockey fan. However, the work this weekend is only half done. The guys are going to have QUITE the task ahead of them tomorrow as I'm SURE the Seawolves are going to come out with the vengeance like someone killed their puppy.

One thing this blog writer would like to say is that the UAA Seawolves are a classy bunch of guys. I was just waiting for Kronschnabel to break a Husky in half, but luckily he, and all of the Seawolves, kept their cool. There weren't really any scrums that occured... just some crazy hockey. Be prepared for the real Seawolves to come on to the ice tonight though folks. We're going to have some seriously good hockey on our hands. Hopefully the Huskies can stay focused and finish the job.

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BobtRO said...


Love the Mitch's Misfits website.

I went to MTU back in the mid-sixties, during all of Tony Esposito's 4 years, and for the beginning of the GLI in Detroit. I never thought I would see MTU of to a 5-1 start and a national ranking and mention in other people's press comments.

I hope the great play (spell that DEE-fense) can continue in Colorado and beyond. I am looking forward to the GLI this year, for the first time in quite a while. I hope to see the gong there, too, although I hope I'm not sitting right in front of it.