Monday, October 16, 2006

Husky Hysteria - Take Two

Alright, here's the update I promised a while ago. I dedicate this entry to Runninwiththedogs, who keeps getting on my case about this situation, even though she doesn't really care.

We're going to keep Mitch's Misfits. Due to the recent creation of a new group, the Painted Bandits-who support MTU Volleyball-it has been decided that Mitch's Misfits will remain Mitch's Misfits. However, Mitch's Misfits is a part of Husky Hysteria. Also a part of Husky Hysteria will be the Painted Bandits, who are working on becoming a student organization here at Tech.

Any promotions that the MTU Athletic Department does will be about "Husky Hysteria," not Mitch's Misfits and not Painted Bandits. From talking to people, this seems like an acceptable solution.

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Runninwiththedogs said...

Hey! I care.

I care so much, I'm going to be late to work commenting.