Sunday, October 15, 2006

Rivalry Weekend: Head to Head with NMU

This past weekend, the Michigan Tech Huskies played a home and home series with their favorite opponent: the Northern Michigan University Wildcats.

Before the season had started, Coach Russell often talked about the theme for this year being "more aggressive." He used the phrase "more aggressive" when describing pretty much everything. After Friday night's game at the MacInnes, it was evident that he really meant what he said.

The Huskies came out with the determination, heart, and energy that it took to get the job done. This team was PREPARED for the game. Though they didn't get the results they should've right away, they were still an amazing team to watch. It is the opinion of this writer that ALL of the lines were outstanding and everyone contributed in one way or another. "More aggressive" is probably the best phrase to describe the Huskies' play on Friday night.

NMU struck first at 7:09 in the second period. The Huskies dominated the puck for most of the game, and that NMU goal didn't change anything but the score.

Finally, in the third period, Tech senior Tyler Skworchinski tied things up at 4:35. The MacInnes was rocking all night long, but it got more intense during the third period. And just when you thought it was OT time, with *THREE SECONDS* remaining, Justin St. Louis knocked one right by NMU goaltender Bill Zaniboni. The MacInnes then got loud. REALLY loud. I cannot remember a time when it had been louder. The Huskies would get their deserved results, a beautiful "W."

Shots on goal Friday night strongly favored the Huskies... 41 to NM
U's 20.

Saturday night was a little different story, not much, but a little. Unfortunately, the Huskies took an early penalty, which the Wildcats were able to capitalize on 45 seconds into the game. The Huskies never fully recovered. There were over 100 Mitch's Misfits and Pep Banders that took over Section 7 and much of 6. Even Gong Wang was able to take time out of his empty schedule and join us at the game.

The score would remain 1-0 up until the end. For the second night in a row though, the Huskies had many more shots on goal. They had 22, while they held NMU to only 14.

The good news is, I think the skating treadmill is doing its job... and we have really good defense this year. From watching the two games, the offense is there, but it can be difficult when shooting at brick walls named Zaniboni.

Next weekend, the Huskies will be going to Vermont, to take on and beat the Catamounts, whatever those are.

And on one final unrelated note, the THB staff would just like to say hello to a loyal reader, Steve V. Steve, you're a great man with a HUGE heart who is funnier than hell. It was a very enjoyable experience meeting you this past weekend.

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