Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Skating Treadmill Q & A

People want to know more about the Skating Treadmill, so Tech Hockey Blog asked some questions of 3 Michigan Tech hockey players: sophomore Ryan Angelow, junior Jordan Foote and senior Tyler Skworchinski. They are able to give us an idea of the progress being made because of this new, fantastic addition to the Michigan Tech hockey program.

(1) How was your first experience on the treadmill? Was it easier/harder than you thought it would be?
Ryan Angelow (RA): I found the treadmill more difficult that expected. I have a terrible skating stride so I struggled the first time I hopped on. But by the end of the first session I felt like I was beginning to get the hang of it.

Jordan Foote (JF): My first time on the treadmill was when I was 12 years old in Edmonton, it didnt look to difficult, but when I got on I almost puked after my 4th or 5th skate.

Tyler Skworchinski (TS): The first time was very difficult. I didnt think it would be that much different from normal skating but was I wrong. I could barely stand up on it at first. I couldnt believe how hard it was the first time.

(2) How often do you use the treadmill during the offseason, and for how long?
RA: I couldn’t give you an exact time, but I pretty much went until my legs told me to get off.

JF: When I was in houghton I used it three times a week; when I am back home in Edmonton I was on twice a week.

TS: I was on it 3 times a week for the 7 weeks I was on it. Each session was about an hour, sometimes longer.

(3) How often will it be used during the onseason?
RA: I hope to use it as regularly as Kyle will allow. I know it will improve my skating stride, which is a point of emphasis for me.

JF: During the season I would like to get on it at least once a week, maybe on a Monday or Tuesday.

TS: I am not sure how often we will use it during the season. Probably less frequently as the season progresses. We will probably use it quite often during September.

(4) What is it like to be instructed under Strength and Conditioning Coach Kyle Bangen?
RA: You know that you’re going to be pushed to your limit when working with him.

JF: Banger is great, he knows how to push us till we feel like puking. He also has designed exercises that will improve our speed, endurance and quickness.

TS: It is very beneficial being instructed by Kyle. He knows the mechanics of the skating stride very well and he gives pointers for improvement. He also helps you achieve that next level.

(5) How much of a difference do you notice between your first session on the skating treadmill and now? Do you feel that your strength, speed and endurance have increased?
RA: I hope that I’m a little faster since starting, but for me it is too early to tell just yet.

JF: When you havent been on the treadmill for a few months you get fatigued very easily. After 3 weeks it feels like night and day from your first session.

TS: The difference between the first time and now is like night and day. It is amazing to notice the progress you make in such a short amount of time and you can definitely notice the improvement, You can feel your stride get stronger and more effecient and the speed and length of time you can go on the treadmill greatly increases.

(6) Do you think it will make a big difference in your game, and especially during the third period?
JF: I definitely notice a difference in my skating after being on it. It forces you to use a longer stride. As for being in better shape for the third period I do believe the treadmill will help. When you're on the treadmill it forces you to work hard, if you're having a day when you're tired and don't feel like going too hard, the treadmill is perfect because when you are on it and you have to go as fast as the treadmill or you will fall.

TS: I can already tell the difference when I am on the ice. There is no doubt in my mind it will help when it comes to actual games and the improved conditioning and skating effeciency will be very noticeable come the end of games.

(7) Have you noticed improvements with your teammates sine they've started on the skating treadmill?
RA: A lot of guys look really fast this year, so it looks like the treadmill has done the job to this point anyway.

JF: I haven't skated with anyone on the team since summer has started so I havent had the opportunity to see any of them improve.

TS: It is amazing watching the other guys improve on the treadmill. Each session you can notice the difference in their strides and the speed and strength improvements.

(8) How big of a recruiting tool do you think the treadmill will prove to be?
TS: I think it will be very beneficial. The treadmill is excellent for improving your skating and conditioning and I think recruits will be impressed with the effects they have and the idea of how much they can improve as a player.

JF: I think the treadmill will be a great recruiting tool. If a player sees that Tech spent all that money on a the machine, it shows that they are serious in improving their players.

RA: It should help recruiting by appealing to players who are serious about improving their skating and getting into better shape.

(9) Is there anything else you'd like to add about the treadmill?
RA: I think it was a smart purchase by the University and would like to thank everyone who made its acquisition possible. I also think that the fans will notice a difference in our skating this year because of it.

JF: I think we have covered everything. Thank you.

TS: Nope, you covered pretty much everything.

Thank you to Ryan, Jordan, and Tyler for answering the questions for the THB! Tech hockey fans hope to see the effects of the skating treadmill on the ice this season.


Rabib said...

All Hail the Treadmill!!!! :D

MeanEgirl said...

You are correct, Rabib. Not even Bobby is excused from bowing down in the presence of MTU's Skating Treadmill.

Runninwiththedogs said...

What did I learn here?

Jordan Foote likes to talk about puking.

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