Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Meet Your Freshmen Part II: Ryan Bunger

Ryan Bunger comes to Michigan Tech after playing for the Bozeman Icedogs (NAHL) for three years. The 6'1", 185-pound wing hails from Sammamish, Washington. This year, he'll be wearing number 21 for the Huskies. This outdoorsman is majoring in Exercise Science here at Tech.

As with Eli, Ryan was kind enough to answer some questions posed to him by the Tech Hockey Blog Staff.

THB: Why did you decide to play for Michigan Tech?

Ryan: It's [in] the best college league (WCHA).

THB: What other schools, if any, did you consider going to?

Ryan: None.

THB: Are you a good dancer?

Ryan: Terrible.

THB: What is your personal goal for this season?

Ryan: Play hard and improve my game.

THB: What do you think of the skating treadmill?

Ryan: It will help improve skating huge.

THB: How much does the noise level and enthusiasm of your fans effect your game?

Ryan: I love it, really gets you going and into the game.

THB: What road trip are you most looking forward to this season?

Ryan: Every one.

THB: What team would you most like to beat this season?

Ryan: Every one. [That's the attitude we like, Ryan!]

THB: Name one reason why Michigan Tech is better than North Dakota.

Ryan: Because it is!!!!!! [You got that right!]

THB: What are your early impressions of Assistant Coach Chris Tok?

Ryan: Very nice guy.


Jenny Powers Bozeman said...

Ryan, we misss you in Bozeman! Good Luck. The Icedogs miss you!

Bernie said...

Hey ryan! good luck with school and hockey, if you have time, hit me up!