Saturday, September 23, 2006

Meet Your Freshmen Part III: Phil Axtell

Our next featured freshman is Phil Axtell, aka Someone You Do NOT Want to Mess With. He's a native of New Windsor, Maryland. Phil joins the Huskies after playing for the Cedar Rapids Roughriders (USHL). In the next four years at Tech, Phil will be be majoring in Construction Management, and kicking some serious &#$ on the ice.

THB: Why did you come to Michigan Tech?

Phil: I came to MTU because of the coaching staff and the environment. I love the winters up here and being in a small town. I lived in Marquette for 2 years and loved the small town environment. You get to know everyone personally and they know you just as well.

THB: What do you think of the skating treadmill?

Phil: I think the treadmill is also another reason I chose Tech. It is helping me with my stride and my conditioning. Kyle really pushes us to the max when on it.

THB: What road trip are you most looking forward to?

Phil: The road trip I most forward look to is the Alaska road trip. I was there once before for peewee nationals. It was beautiful, and I have a friend that I know that lives and plays up there.

THB: What team do you MOST want to beat this season?

Phil: I want to beat UMD the most this year. My former teammate (Al Stalcok) plays for them.

THB: What's your favorite website?


THB: What is your personal goal for this season?

Phil: My personal goal for this year is to better myself as a hockey player and to help MTU have a winning season.

THB: Are you a reader of the Tech Hockey Blog?

Phil: I didn't even know we had one until I got this email.

THB: If you were a hot dog, would you eat yourself?

Phil: I would. I'd slother myself in brown mustard and relish...I'd be delicious!

THB: Can you name the only student section in Division I Hockey with their own gong?

Phil: No. [For the record, if you asked him that today, he would be able to tell you.]

THB: How much does the noise level and enthusiasm of your fans effect your

Phil: The noise level really gets me going especially when at home. To know you have the fans behind you... I think it gives us an edge, when we are on the road, it gives me a reason to shut them up.

The countdown until Michigan Tech's hockey season is less than two weeks now!

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