Monday, October 26, 2009

Meet Your Freshmen 2009-2010: Anthony Schooley

Next up in the slow process of Meet Your Freshmen 2009-2010, I have for you Anthony Schooley. For as long as I can remember, it seems that Schooley had been a recruit. It seems that we've had to wait years and years for him (kind of like the waiting period between each of my blog posts). Well, we will wait no more! He's here... Schooley's in session!

Number: 14
Position: Wing
Hometown: Gaylord, MI
Last Team: St. Louis (NAHL)

THB: Why did you choose Michigan Tech?
Anthony Schooley (AS): It was in my home state and they were the college that was most interested in me. [It's nice to have some Michiganders on the team!]

THB: How long did you know you wanted to go to Michigan Tech?
AS: I really didn't know until they started recruiting me. [They must've done a great job selling Tech. A lot of guys don't like to go there because of the girl situation.]

THB: What's your favorite type of music?

AS: Pop. [Not a bad choice. You've got a few of your teammates beat.]

THB: Who is your biggest influence in hockey?
AS: My father.

THB: Tell me about your best moment in hockey so far in your career.
AS: Scoring a penalty shot goal in a national championship game. [Let's see if you can repeat that this season, eh?]

THB: What is your major at Michigan Tech?
AS: Business Management.

THB: What's your favorite form of precipitation?
AS: Snow. [You came to the right place!!]

THB: Were you happy when the Lions broke their long losing streak? Were you secretly disappointed?
AS: Extremely happy. [Oh, I suppose... but it's kind of sad having that long streak end. That was pretty cool.]

THB: I have two coins totaling fifteen cents. One is not a dime. What coins do I have?
AS: A dime and a nickel. [A+ for you, Anthony!]

THB: Be honest, how many times have you heard that previous question?
AS: Never heard it until I told my roommate the question but he had heard it before. [Ah hah, we have a cheater. You get an F now.]

THB: If I send out all the freshmen surveys to you guys at the same time, who will be the last to return their survey to me?
S: Witter. [Good try. He was the second one to return it to me though. There are a couple of guys who have not yet returned it........]

THB: What road trip are you most looking forward to?
AS: North Dakota. [You must have heard about the Red Pepper? It's really the only reason to go to Grand Forks.]

THB: What older Husky is your role model/mentor?
AS: Olson. [Excellent choice. He will serve you well as your role model!]

THB: Michigan or Michigan State?
AS: Michigan. [I like you. I like you a lot!]

THB: What can you tell me about Mitch's Misfits?
AS: No clue. [I'm sure if I asked you now, you could tell me plenty!]

THB: How did you enjoy the Ripley Run? Tell me a little bit about it.
AS: Haha, it was pretty tough but great team bonding.

THB: Does the energy and noise level of the crowd affect the way you play?
AS: Yes, very. [Mitch's Misfits will keep that in mind this season!]

THB: What kind of toothpaste do you use?
AS: Crest. [Great choice! Herbal Mint for the win!]

THB: Where is your favorite place to eat in the Houghton/Hancock area?
AS: Anywhere but the dorms. [FALSE, as Dwight Schrutte would say. Dorm food is GREAT! :)]

THB: What would you like to tell all the Michigan Tech fans that will be supporting the team all season long?
AS: We are going to have a great season and always cheer as loud as you can!


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Dear Sophie:

I hate you. Here I thought someone actually had a relevant comment. Take your cup noodles and stick them up your butt.

Sincerely, MeanEgirl

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