Monday, October 19, 2009

Meet Your Freshmen 2009-2010: Kevin Genoe

Sorry for the long delay between these posts. The busyness never ends! But I cannot deprive my fellow Tech fans for of meeting a new freshman for another day!

Kevin Genoe is new guy between the pipes. Coach Russell gave him the nod against LSSU. Kevin had 29 saves on 32 shots that he faced, which is good for a .906 save%, not too shabby!

Number: 35
Position: Goalie
Hometown: Qualicum, BC
Last Team: Prince George (BCHL)

THB: When did you know that you wanted to be a goalie?

Kevin Genoe (KG): I knew I wanted to be a goalie since I was eleven years old.

THB: When did you know that Michigan Tech was the place for you?
KG: I knew Michigan Tech was the place for me after I had my visit. [You and me both! Once you make your first visit to Tech, you know exactly where you want to be.]

THB: What do you think of your teammates so far? Are you ready for lifelong brotherhood with them?
KG: I think my teammates so far are great guys; hard working and dedicated. I am definitely ready for the lifelong brotherhood with them. There are a lot of fun guys in the locker room and hopefully we will remain close long after our time at Tech ends.

THB: When was the first time you were dressed in full goalie equipment?
KG: The first time I was dressed in full goalie equipment was when I was eleven years old.

THB: Do you ski?
KG: No, I have never tried, too risky for me.

THB: Do you look both ways before crossing the road?
KG: I probably look both ways three or four times. [You could teach Ricky Doriott a thing or two. :)]

THB: Are you familiar with Mitch's Misfits? Can you tell me anything about them?
KG: Unfortunately I am not very familiar with Mitch's Misfits. [You best familiarize yourself with them! Trust me, you'll learn to love them.]

THB: What are your favorite television shows?
KG: My favorite TV shows would be The Hills, Two and a Half Men, and Fantasy Factory. [I've heard of one of those!]

THB: Even though you're not very far into it yet, what's your favorite part about being a Michigan Tech hockey player?
KG: My favorite part about being a Michigan Tech hockey player is when we go on the ice before a game and our crowd is so loud that we can't hear our own thoughts. [Remember those "Mitch's Misfits" that you claimed to not know much about? I think they're behind that. :)]

THB: Who is the craziest guy on the team?
KG: The craziest guy on the team would be Seth [Soley].

THB: Can you juggle?
KG: Yes. [You are my first yes!! You'll have to show my sometime!]

THB: What is your favorite piece of goalie equipment? Why?
KG: My favorite piece would be my glove, because when the puck is in my glove I have total control of the game.

THB: Do you get nervous before games?
KG: Nervous no, I get anxious to get going.

THB: Are they working you hard at Tech?
KG: Yup I am working hard here at Tech.

THB: Paper or plastic?
KG: Plastic

THB: Are you a person who will break out into movie quotes randomly or if the situation calls for it?
KG: No. [That is unfortunate! You should try it sometime. It's fun.]

THB: Where is your favorite place to go out to eat in Houghton?
KG: The Library.

THB: Who is your all-time favorite hockey goaltender?
KG: Patrick Roy.

THB: What kind of music do you like?
KG: Everything but mostly country. [Oh, Kevie! You're killing me here!]

THB: Is there anything you'd like to say to all of the Michigan Tech fans out there?
KG: Thanks for the support and Husky fans are the greatest!

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