Monday, November 24, 2008

Numbers and Other Stuff

This past weekend goes to the Mavericks.

4 hours of PTO.

728 miles.

2 games.

4 3 Husky-scored goals.

2 more losses.

ZERO points.

Boo to all that... except the Husky goals part. Although a larger number would've been better. Am I wearing the gold and black goggles? I thought they played alright this past weekend. Many may disagree with me. I do have one complaint though: PASSING. I swear by it, if this team can fix that issue, things will start happening! That's a pretty big problem to have. It can and does screw up all aspects of the Husky game. For example: the power play! That's obviously one of the areas of concern. One of the things I notice about all the teams we play -- their passing is so much cleaner than ours. And what do you know! The opponent wins more games than we do.

I believe my team does have the talent it takes to win games. That's very optimistic talk coming from someone like myself; I like to be negative more often than positive. We get the chances. Anyone who watches Michigan Tech hockey will agree with me -- the chances are there. The bounces just normally don't go our way, or else we get Mason who "intended" to blow the whistle right before we score so he'll take away all of our legit goals in a game. Yeah, I said it. But there were two amazing things that happened this past weekend that rarely happen to this team, it seems. First, the Mavericks got a goal taken away from them. It's usually always us that something like that happens to. I must say, it's a great feeling being on the other side once. And secondly, we got a bounce. I can't remember exactly what happened, but Maverick assistant captain Blake Freisen helped to put a puck in his own net. It crossed the goal line ever so slowly. Just awesome.

Even with two lucky things happening to us last weekend, we just couldn't win. THIS is the weekend to start turning things... against those stupid Beavers at Bemidji State... those WCHA-member wannabes. The hell with that! The Huskies need to shut them down this weekend and show the college hockey world that the Beavers are not worthy of being in the WCHA. We need to SWEEP them this weekend, just like what happened the last time these teams met. If we lose one or both games this weekend, I'm going to be pretty steamed.


Boosh said...

Remember how you told me we wouldn't score 3 goals this weekend shorty? Well, we scored 3 goals on dorky Zacharias and 4 goals on the Mavs, so there :P

And prepare to be disappointed, we're going to lose both games ;)

Yager said...

I thought both teams sucked big ones.

MeanEgirl said...

See, Boosh? It pays to be pessimistic. Whenever I'm optimistic, were tend to lose. Unfortunately, I'm optimistic about this weekend... so we're probably going to split. :(

violator said...

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Dirty said...

Hey! violator said he liked my blog too. And he said the same thing on RWD's blog! I'm beginning to think he's lying and just wants to be linked! He's a sneaky little Latvian, he is.

Suze said...

Keep the faith MEg. Tech could have a second half season that will surprise everyone! They just need to get everyone healthy (which will probably be just before they come to Anchorage).

MeanEgirl said...

Violator: I'm glad you like my blog, even though you really haven't read a word of it. I'm sorry to say that I do not like yours, even though I haven't read it either.

Dirty: You're right as always.

Suze: I hope so. In fact, I hope the Tech series in Anchorage will be UAA's ONLY losses for the rest of the season.

Boosh said...

Dirty, didn't Brandon do the exact same thing? :D

Suze said...

Sorry to hear about Gwilliam, that kid sure hasn't had many breaks. I hope he can come back for his sixth season, but maybe hockey just isn't in the cards for the guy.

And MEg, I don't think UAA will be losing any games to Tech in January. ;)

MeanEgirl said...

Suze: Since I (and FOUR other Misfits) are making the journey allll the way to Anchorage, I would expect that my team would reward us with at least ONE win for our time, money and troubles.

And c'mon, Suze! You're getting greedy already! Wouldn't you rather win ALL the games for the rest of the season except for the MTU series? This of course includes the F4. ;)

Suze said...

Good try MEg. LOL If only.