Sunday, October 28, 2007

Our excuse and lessons learned

Well I'm sure by now you know the final score, 6-0, it wasn't even close. The Sioux came out early capitalizing on a 5 on 3 powerplay in the first half of the first period and never looked back. I know I hate when fans make excuses for their teams lost as much as anybody, the refs screwed us over, the ice was bad, we played like crap, well Tech didn't play their best but that's not necessarily why they lost. If they would of played their best they would of had a chance but at the end of the day, which now it seems like it is, North Dakota is not necessarily a better team but they are beyond a shadow of a doubt a more talented team. They are faster, more skilled, more accurate and quite possibly stronger. For the majority of the night today they looked it.

Yet there are still lessons to be learned from for the entire WCHA and the college hockey world.

1) When the Huskies play hard and they control the game, they can play with teams that are truly superior to them as far as talent goes.

2) If they don't play their best the difference in skill levels become obvious (just wait till we start getting the talent).

3) The Oshie is good.

4) Duncan is still not the best player on his line, and he may not be second best.

5) Lammy is still an idiot(any objections? didn't think so).

6) When UND is at their best it's going to be hard to beat them.

7) I'm not sure if any team is looking forward to traveling to Houghton this year.

8) Maybe this is the year Tech brings our cup home (and I promise not to mention that again for awhile)

9) Jordan Baker is crazy did anybody else see him go after Finley, that was awesome. And I get the feeling if they would of went at it Baker had a chance.

Once again to UND congrats on the win, win em all (until we see you in Grand Forks of course).

Beyond that we'll see in the Final Five and hopefully in Denver, this isn't over.


Boosh said...

Its too bad you weren't here. You would have had a good time with tonight, not seeing what happened doesn't do this game justice.

Puck Smarts said...

Commenting on #8 - You guys arent thinking of keeping the cup and bolting to the CCHA again, are you? Thats only if you were to win it. Look forward to the match up in Forks. Take care, great blog!

MeanEgirl said...

Much better, Rob Green. :)

I think I might change the direction of this blog. We can discuss that later, however.

Killer win by the Sioux tonight. Lammy is a great goalie, when he isn't being a moron. =P

I think a starter for Tech has emerged. Robby can definitely be great, but it wasn't his night tonight. If we had started with MLT, it may have been different.

I still think our guys played alright. Sioux just a little better though. Oshie had a nice hatty.

Runninwiththedogs said...

TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MeanEgirl said...

Drink a little more, why don't you.

And it's 2:55 AM on Sunday. My clothes have been off for a long time.

Boosh said...

For anyone that hasn't already found it, please read the apology for my actions on my site. Do not judge this blog for anything said regarding myself.

Anonymous said...

how about deleting comments boosh...why would you go and do that - funny how opposing team's fans can't seem to find comments on your blog after they are posted...afraid of a little good ribbing, are we?

MeanEgirl said...

Someone's really bitter. Boosh is able to move on... why aren't you?

*I* deleted the whole damn post. That's not really the direction I want to the THB in anyway. So chill out, dude.

Boosh said...

Uh, I deleted entire posts. Unfortunately, when the post gets deleted, the comments go with it. That's an issue you have to take up with Blogger. Any individually deleted comments were deleted by the author. You also have to wait a few minutes for the comment to show up sometimes, if that's what you're referring too, I wouldn't get too worked up about it.